Athlete in Focus: Trinity M.

Article by Andrea Manalac

One of the newest additions to the Bearcat community is junior and star athlete, Trinity M. Trinity has quickly become known among the ISM community for her talent displayed on the varsity soccer, basketball, and most recently, track and field teams. However, Trinity’s love for sports didn’t begin with any of these. Trinity has participated in all three of these sports as a Bearcat, but began with others from an early age as she began to expand her sporting experience. She was a gymnast from the age of three, before beginning to play lacrosse when she was eight years old. She then began playing basketball and soccer intermittently after turning nine.

Since beginning her junior year at ISM, Trinity has accomplished many athletic feats including playing in IASAS Soccer in Manila, IASAS Basketball in ISKL, and most recently, beating the women’s 100-meter dash school record, held previously by a senior from the class of 2009, by running an impressive time of 12.45 seconds at the season’s first meet. Upon finding out she beat the ISM school record, Trinity “felt so excited and really all [she] could think about was the fist pump and smile on [her] dad’s face as soon as [she] crossed the finish line.”

Although she has already accomplished such a feat in so little time on the track team, Trinity admits that her favorite ISM athletic memories thus far are collectively from basketball season. One of these memories includes dancing to Soulja Boy with the rest of the IASAS girls basketball team during their intense final game in KL. In addition to this, Trinity also treasures the experience of having her first ever IASAS on her new home field during IASAS Soccer. Trinity told BT, “I got to play alongside my sister with the best home crowd supporting us. There really wasn’t any other way for our first IASAS experience to be any better. Having an IASAS at home doesn’t happen all the time, and it’s really special, so I’m just really grateful that I got to have it as my first.”

Most varsity athletes must attend four after-school practices during the week, plus games on the weekend. Trinity claims that the way she manages her school workload and her dedication to sports is by taking “advantage of [her] study halls and free time to get as much work done as possible.” Although practice schedules are rigorous, her commitment to sports helps keep her sane. She states, “If I didn’t have a practice to go to almost every day, the pressure and stress of school would get the best of me. Even when I don’t necessarily want to go to a fitness or endurance day, I can just find motivation in how much I love and need the mental break that sports provide.”

With the amazing amount of effort Trinity puts into practices, and her outstanding success thus far in games and meets, we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next!