The Kanye Hype

Written By: Selina de Dios

Stop what you’re doing because you’re going to want to hear this. Yeezy is coming. Yes, you heard that correctly. Kanye West will be here in Manila on the 9th of April, headlining the Paradise International Music Festival to be held in Aseana City. If this isn’t enough to put the citizens of Manila into a frenzy, Kanye’s seventh album, The Life of Pablo, was recently released to the delight of his fans.

Junior Soham M. is a Kanye follower who has been anticipating his new album since last year. Soham mentioned that “[Kanye] had been teasing it for a whole year, which built up the excitement.” When asked what his favourite song was, Soham hesitated in not being able to pick. Eventually, he went with “Ultralight Beam” because “it’s uplifting and really well produced,” adding that “Chance the Rapper’s verse towards the end is flawless.”

Aside from Soham, another fan, freshman Carissa V.,was excited for his new album because she “wanted to see the direction he would go next.” She advised that “it’s a really good album to enjoy by yourself, or when you’re trying to get pumped up.” If you need music to listen to, no matter the occasion, this album could be your answer.

Leading up to the album’s release, Kanye had just as much difficulty deciding on the name, in the same way that his audience struggled to wait for it. It went from “So Help Me God” to “Waves” then “Swish” until he finally decided on the “The Life of Pablo.” Kanye named his album after the apostle Paul who he proclaimed was “the most powerful messenger of the first century.” Many have commented that Kanye, believing he is the greatest messenger in the 20th century, is making a direct comparison between himself and the apostle.

While many believe that Kanye West is a controversial artist, Carissa V. still believes that he is influential. She says, “he will go down in history because he makes so many great albums back to back, and he says what he wants.” Soham M. adds that “while he holds some fairly controversial views about certain topics, it’s undoubtable that he’s a visionary.”

Although many people have contradicting views about Kanye West, he is doing his best to dabble in many fields. Not only a musician, he has a successful line of clothing and shoes. Furthermore, he is allegedly making a bid for the United States presidential election in 2020. Whether you love or hate Kanye, it is hard to doubt his success. And while Kanye is still busy with the release of his album, amongst other things, everyone is already anticipating his next move.