The Importance of Kick Game

Written by: Josh Miller

As we all know, trends in clothing and style fluctuate as often as the seasons, and it seems that now, having a strong kick game is of utter importance to many young teens. Nowadays it seems that a multitude of both companies and individual celebrities are pursuing the same trend: casual footwear. Companies like Nike and Adidas are no longer the only popular shoe brands on the market; they, along with many others such as Under Armour, have extended their popularity by tapping celebrities like Kanye West and high-profile athletes such as Stephen Curry, to endorse their footwear lines.

The new trend has garnered a massive following and extreme ‘hype’ thanks to social media. Websites, blogs, Youtube channels, and even Instagram accounts have been dedicated to the sole purpose (pun intended) of advertising and reviewing shoes. These platforms share pictures of new shoe releases, publish shoe reviews, share ways to get your hands on limited editions, and advertise creative custom-designed kicks. Due to the rise in shoe popularity via these social media platforms, the importance of your ‘kick game’ has become of utter importance, meaning many ISM students have jumped on the shoe-fanatic bandwagon. Junior Alej M. thinks that in addition to the media testimonials promoting shoes, some ISM students have become a part of the hype simply from being fashion and style-conscious. Alej elaborates by saying that, “What we wear is an expression of our taste and which trends we identify with.”

There is a variety of brands to choose from, and seemingly infinite choices for footwear within each brand, making decisions about what pair will up your kick game a tricky task! While there are many factors to consider before buying a pair of shoes, some of the most important factors to consider are function and appearance. For sophomore Juan P., the pair he brings home depends on what he needs the shoes for. He shares that, “I care a lot about the design and the aesthetics of a shoe if I need casual shoes, but function, durability, and performance are more important for shoes for sports.”

In addition to these factors, there is also the matter of limited edition releases to consider, through which brands inflate price tags by manufacturing preexisting shoes in special color schemes, or by creating a limited number of pairs of a new model. Examples of limited edition releases include the Adidas x Hypebeast 10th Anniversary UltraBOOST’s, and the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG’s, with only limited pairs of each made available to the public. Junior Mia D. thinks that shoes with the limited edition tag have an “extra edge to them that gives people the extra incentive to buy them.” Mia says that should you want your own limited edition shoes, “online ordering is better than waiting in long queues due to the risk of stocks running out before you actually get to the front of the line.”

With more and more hype surrounding what shoes people walk around in every day, will you be allured by the trend and see yourself trying on a new pair of shoes anytime soon?