By Abhi Kottamasu

With IA’s, EE’s, IOP’s, WA’s, and other looming deadlines always on the minds of many high school students at ISM, most people fondly look back at their days as young children. Well, guess what? For those of you who want to forget about all the stress of high school and feel like a kid again, we have the place for you!

Trampoline Park – Zero Gravity Zone is located in The Portal in Greenfields District, Mandaluyong, and it brings to mind a time of simplicity with flips, jumps, and bounces on the trampolines. For those of you who don’t know, trampoline parks are huge warehouses with floors consisting of trampoline mats to make a huge trampoline surface. They have taken the world by storm and have become extremely popular in America and other European countries. Luckily for us, you can get your own trampoline park experience for just 320 pesos right here in Manila.

The benefits of trampoline parks are endless. Jumping on trampoline can prove to be an extremely healthy workout that can effectively burn calories. In addition, if you have always wanted to try out parkour, there are some trained coaches in Manila’s Trampoline Park who can help you tick that activity off your bucket list. Sophomore Ranbir M. has already experienced the benefits of trampoline parks in Hong Kong and claims they were extremely fun. As such, he is looking forward to taking a break from the hustle and bustle of school by playing a game of ultimate dodgeball at the new Trampoline Park in Manila.

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Senior John H. is equally excited. He shares, “A more youthful version of myself dreamed of being able to jump high, float in the air, and daydream aimlessly amongst the stars. Trampolines made that dream possible. And so to be able to rekindle that childhood recklessness in a trampoline park as someone nearing adulthood is something that I look forward to and an opportunity that I would not miss for anything – not even for IB exams.”

Overall, it is clear that some members of the ISM community are looking forward to having fun at Trampoline Park Manila. Maybe we’ll see many other Bearcats there, too!

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