Top 7 Food Blogs

Have you ever spent hours online trying to find that perfect recipe for a banana layer cake (recipe here)? Vegan and gluten-free chocolate hazelnut crepes (recipe here)? Or garlic infused rice with bok choy (recipe here)? Well, look no further, because you have found the right place. The internet is full of various websites dedicated to food, which we call ‘food blogs’. These blogs are usually run by passionate bakers, chefs, or even just your regular food aficionados. If there’s one thing that can bring people together despite all our differences, it’s definitely food; there’s something about the sensory experience that can brighten up anyone’s day. We’ve all experimented with our culinary skills sometime in our lives, but if you want to expand your culinary horizons, you can certainly do so with these diverse and entertaining food blogs. Here are the top 7 blogs to satisfy your inner foodie:

1. The Vanilla Bean Blog

This blog is mostly centered around desserts and baked goods, but it also has an array of savory foods in its recipe section! All the  food photography is sure to make your mouth water.

Website Link:

2. The Earthy Feast

“The Earthy Feast” is a vegetarian blog that includes both savory and sweet dishes that are sure to satisfy any of your food cravings!

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3. I am a Food Blog

A fellow Junior Bearcat, Sofia C., recommended this food blog in saying,“This woman, Stephanie, is seriously passionate about one thing: food! But not just any food, no; she has an expert eye, searching for the best meals in town and blogs about it. Her passion for food has led her to travel around the world to broaden her variety of food. I enjoy this blog because the food looks delicious because 1) I am sure it is but 2) the photos she takes are truly amazing.”

Website Link:

4. The Fat Kid Inside

This food blog is run by Erwan Heussaff, a half Filipino and half French, who was once a ‘fat kid’ himself. As the title of the blog suggests, these recipes are meant to cater to your inner cravings, so his blog offers a good balance of both indulgent and healthy meals, giving readers a variety of recipes to choose from.

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5. Top With Cinnamon

“Top With Cinnamon” is a dessert themed food blog that is full of amazing recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth, while offering healthier options to your favorite indulgent treats! Now you can eat as much as you want without feeling an ounce of guilt.


6. Oh She Glows

This is a completely vegan food blog, so all the recipes featured don’t contain any meat or animal bi-products. Don’t fret, however, because the recipes are just as tasty, if not tastier. Enjoy the perfect vegan dessert or meal by trying out anyone of “Oh she glows” delicious looking recipes!

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7. Pepper

‘’ is a Filipino based website that features recipes from more than just the Philippines. This food blog houses a culmination of recipes originating from different cultures and offers unique takes on different dishes.

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Hopefully this compilation of food blogs inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new and delicious recipes!