Girls Lacrosse in Manila

Article By: Andrea Manalac

ISM has many extracurricular sports on offer, ranging from cross country to martial arts; however, one sport that the ISM athletics program does not offer is lacrosse. Lacrosse has been taking the United States by storm, but in the Philippines it is definitely not quite as popular. Passionate lacrosse players, including juniors Trinity M. and Mia D., and freshman Madison M., are therefore on a mission to make lacrosse more popular in the Philippines by coaching lacrosse to young girls at the University of Makati (UM).

The girls lacrosse program began with the motivated Mia D., who has always wanted to play lacrosse in her high school years, but hasn’t consistently been able to since moving to Manila as a freshman. Upon moving to Manila, the realization that there was no lacrosse team for women came as a disappointing shock. Thus, Mia has decided to take action to help introduce her beloved sport to the Philippines. Mia told BT that the program started with the help of the University of Makati, as Mia was aware that the university already had a men’s lacrosse team in place. Mia says, “At the beginning of this year I contacted the head of UM lacrosse, asking if there was a women’s program, or if I could help to start one, and he told me to get in touch with the coach of the men’s team… That coach told me that a couple of girls train with the men, but he had no knowledge of women’s lacrosse, and asked if I could help coach. I’m now looking to get some equipment shipped over here, [as men and women use different equipment] and to grow the sport to be not only available for just the students at UM, but for anybody who wants to learn.”

After many training sessions, Madison, Mia, and Trinity have been able to help the UM lacrosse girls improve in their skills by helping them to become comfortable with using the equipment, and to learn all the positions of the game, as well as the rules. One of the goals for this program is the help the UM team of around 20 girls to prepare for a big game they have been able to schedule against a team from the US during the summer.

Even though the program has become quite time consuming for the girls with now twice-weekly training sessions, they agree that the rewards are worth it. Madison told BT, “My favorite thing about this program is the team, and how eager the girls are to learn. It makes me happy knowing lacrosse is becoming more popular and people around the world want to know how to play.”

With all the hard work and time that these girls have dedicated to this program, we hope that it can continue to expand and spread lacrosse joy to more people in the Philippines!