U16 Rugby Tournament

Article By: Abhi Kottamasu

While most of us were binge-watching our favorite TV shows or working on our homework over the four-day weekend last week, some Bearcats flew out to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the Bangkok International Rugby 10s tournament. These Bearcats took off their ISM uniforms and donned the uniform of the national team – the Philippine Volcanoes. After several intense games, the Junior Volcanoes went on to defeat Malaysia in the Cup Final in the U16 division.

ISM sophomore and tournament participant Ben R. states it was a phenomenal privilege to be able to bond with his teammates and travel to another country to play a sport that he loves. He says the final was a great culmination as the team finally beared the fruits of their hard work of night training sessions and personal fitness by clinching the title. His highlight of the tournament was a memorable try in which he received a perfect pass from fellow ISM sophomore Wiremu B., which allowed him to score in the final seconds of the match to keep the Philippine Volcanoes undefeated.

Similarly, ISM sophomore athlete Peter L. states that it was an honor for him to represent the country in a trip that he would remember for a long time. He claims, “It was nice to spend time with all the people involved during the trip and it was a great bonding event.” Apart from winning the tournament, he was also happy to have made many new friends and hopes that he can keep in touch with them.

Of course, their success would not have been possible without the endless efforts put in by the team. Ben reveals that they would train multiple times a week while continuing to play other sports in order to maintain their fitness. Peter adds that their coach, Paul Retzlaff, used valuable drills to prepare them for game situations.

All in all, congratulations to the Bearcat representatives and the Philippine Volcanoes for your success, and we wish you the very best for the future!

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