Francophone Week Recap

Article by: Zaineen Karim

The best part about being at an international school is experiencing all kinds of different cultures and customs. Last week, we celebrated French culture with Francophone week, organized by ISM’s very own French Honor Society. Each day of the week, there were different events that paid homage to the French culture.

On Monday, FHS members passed out free candy after school with cute French sayings attached to them. On Tuesday, the school bells were replaced with famous French songs. The most anticipated event, the French buffet, took place during lunchtime on Wednesday. On Thursday, there was a soccer booth to celebrate France hosting the European cup this year. Finally, on Friday after school, the week came to a relaxing end with a movie night where the French romance film, “Ensemble, C’est Tout” was shown.

Francophone week is one of FHS’s biggest events, with members working their hardest and preparing well in advance to ensure the best outcome.

“The greatest challenge definitely would be communicating with all the members within the subcommittees and ensuring that everyone has their duties sorted. I usually do this on Facebook messenger but sometimes people don’t check that and things become very disorganized. However, at the end of the day, it’s important to start communications and preparations early, so that last minute miscommunication does not happen,” says Anu B., an senior FHS council member.

“It is a lot to organize and the students are involved in so many other activities, aside from the normal academic demands, that certain things are left to the last minute. But there is no need to worry because the FHS Council and members always make it a success,” adds Madame Bailey, the FHS advisor.

Ultimately, all the hard work is absolutely worth it as all the proceeds made from the events go to helping the French Honor Society’s service partner. “All the proceeds go to Guitnangbayan Elementary School, the school linked with our former livelihood project called Berdesaco. For our last trip this year, we would like to take them to an amusement park!” says Madame Bailey.

As the French saying goes, ‘Vouloir c’est pouvoir’ or ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’ FHS members demonstrated their will and commitment through five very successful events that raised over eight thousand pesos for their service partner. Make sure to keep an eye out for other FHS events and service trips throughout the year!