In the Future: What to Watch Out for at Wanderland

By: Selina de Dios

Every year the dedicated brains at Karpos Multimedia put on one of the most anticipated concerts of the year – Wanderland. Wanderland is a day-long music festival that showcases local and international artists playing music spanning across genres guaranteed to please the crowd. This year, the event sent festival-goers out of this world, as Wanderland featured an outer space theme. With a star-studded lineup, there was lots to look out for, but even if you couldn’t go this year, this post can ensure that you’re fully equipped for the day as it (hopefully) returns in the future. Judging from the past amazing years, here’s a list of tips and what to watch out for at Wanderland in the coming years!

5) The Chance to Soak Up the Sun

After a hard week at school, you deserve a break. Not only does the venue don an impressive setup with all-out decorations, it is also open and airy – a nice change from the school environment. The event has been held at the park-like Globe Circuit Event Grounds, and we expect nothing less for next year!

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4) The Freebies

If you visit the sponsor tents around the venue, you may score some free gear. Last year the Topshop booth gave free tote bags and all you had to do was post a selfie on Instagram with a Topshop hashtag. It was truly a win-win scenario for everyone.

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3) Getting a Chance to Meet Some of the Performers

It may surprise you that not all performers are divas. During the day, you may get to see and meet some of your favorite artists as they often roam the grounds. Don’t be shy to approach them! You may even get a picture or an autograph.

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2) The Games and Activities in Store

Not only will the countless hours of music keep you busy, but also numerous games and activities if you want to explore. The ArtZone at Wanderland 2016 featured three stations, including one where individuals could decorate their own moon landing flag, while the GameZone featured a trampoline event.

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1) The Performers!

Of course, this would make the list. Make sure to go early and grab front row seats for your favorite performers. This year, the big names were Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver, among others. The impressive line-up is something you would not and should not want to miss.

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