Color Manila Challenge ‘16

Written by: Ryan Santos

Running has always been a great activity for exercise and as a means to simply enjoy the outdoors. As a major aspect of many sports, it is often essential to one’s composition as an athlete. But what if you struggle to find the joy in the running? Fear not, because fun runs such as the Watsons Color Manila Challenge will surely change your attitude toward the activity.

Held on March 6, Color Manila teamed up with Watsons to host the Watsons Color Manila Challenge 2 at the SM Mall of Asia. Like previous color runs, it consisted of 3K, 5K, and 10K races, and participants were encouraged to not focus on the competitive aspect of the event, but rather on the fun of getting immersed in colored powder throughout the race. ISM seniors Vicky C. and Sayaka K. were fortunate enough to be involved in the festivities. Vicky, a varsity track and field athlete who is no stranger to events like these, states that she joined this particular race due to the unique combination of exercising and spending time with like-minded people in a positive environment. She claims, “I think the best part about the color run was seeing people have fun and enjoy themselves, as well as all the support that people gave each other along the way.” Vicky remarks that although track and field is much more competitive, “both of the activities embody the importance of having supportive peers, but also in providing a great way to get outside and to get moving.”

Color Manila Challenge '16 (Courtesy of Vicky Chiaradia)(2)

Senior Sayaka K. also took part in the event after finding out about it through advertisements on social media. Prior to seeing these advertisements, she’d been intrigued by photos of friends who had participated in past color runs. Unlike Vicky, this was Sayaka’s first fun run, and she commented that it exceeded her expectations. She states, “The color festival that happens after the whole race was most memorable, as there was a DJ playing music with a two minute countdown, at the end of which after everyone threw their color packets in the air at the same time.” She enthusiastically adds, “Everyone should try [participating in a color run] as you don’t need any prior athletic experience, and can just run at your own pace.”

Although you may have missed out on this race, fun runs are gaining in popularity in Manila. From the Outbreak Manila to the Ice Cream Marathon, there are plenty of reasons and opportunities to run. Moreover, if you’re in need of CAS hours, many of these runs also revolve around fundraising and awareness for issues of global significance and service. Hence, whether you are an IASAS Cross Country runner or someone looking for an enjoyable way to exercise, fun runs such as color runs are a great way to meet any of these goals.