Third Season Pre-IASAS Recap

Written by: Josh Miller

After a successful first two seasons of competition, the ISM Bearcats have continued to leave their mark at the final Pre-IASAS of the year. Recently, Bearcat softball and badminton athletes flew out of Manila for the final exchanges from March 11th to 13th.

The 2016 Pre-IASAS Exchange for softball was hosted by SAS.  According to junior and varsity girls softball player Sammy W, “There was a lot of pressure for our team to perform well as we won the gold against SAS just last year.”

The exchange started well for the defending champions as they came away with a 13-0 win over the JIS Dragons despite not having three key senior players from the team with them in Singapore. Unfortunately day two was a different story as the girls succumbed to three consecutive but close losses against ISKL, SAS, and TAS. Despite these setbacks, the girls tournament ended on a high as they managed to beat the undefeated ISB girls team 6-1.

The boys softball team had a similar round during the Pre-IASAS weekend, as they too yielded close losses to TAS, JIS, ISKL, and ISB. Although these results were upsetting at first, they proved to be valuable motivation for the boys team as they came back out to beat the defending champions, SAS, with a staggering 18-3 victory. Sophomore and boys softball player, Dino M, shared that their emphatic win put them on the radar of the other IASAS teams, meaning they can definitely “be considered a serious contender for the gold medal come IASAS!”

The softball teams weren’t the only ones who participated in Pre-IASAS this past weekend, as ISM’s varsity badminton teams traveled to ISB in hopes of making  a name for themselves ahead of IASAS. Although the boys badminton team lost against SAS, ISB, and ISKL, they finished off strong with a win over JIS. The girls badminton team, on the other hand, placed fourth overall in their tournament; However, according to junior badminton player, Sophia M, “The final results did not reflect the quality of play produced as four ISM girls badminton teams made it to their respective finals!” Given the fact that promising talent is on the rise and that the teams had a great learning experience from their weekend in Bangkok, it can be said that ISM’s badminton teams had a smashing tournament – no pun intended!

Overall, Pre-IASAS turned out to be a fun-filled weekend for ISM’s varsity teams deep into their preparation for IASAS coming closer in mid-April. Our Bearcat athletes returned back to Manila safely to resume training and games in the local leagues. Hopefully, all the hours and days spent training will be rewarded with the some wins very soon!