Mock Exams

Written By Grace Stevens

The notorious time of year has come around again when the pressure is on for seniors to conquer the nine days of mock exams. From March 14-22, ISM’s seniors will be undergoing probably the most intense and serious exams in the history of their schooling careers. The tight time frame brings about a certain level of anxiety that any senior will tell you seems like a near-death experience.

Each class’s ‘mock’ consists of an hour or an hour and a half-long exam in the Lofthouse, which seems relatively tame in contrast to IB’s 3-session external exams, with each session ranging from one to two hours. So why are mocks so important?

Mock exams not only make about a 20% contribution to all seniors’ final semester grades, but also give each student an idea of how they would perform on the actual IB exams in May. That being said, mock exams are also an important indicator of what students need to revise and practice before their final exams.

With all the stress and pressure associated with mocks, late nights and early mornings, combined with numerous caffeinated drinks never seem to make an IB student feel prepared enough. But, thanks to some tips from current seniors, future seniors should know that there are steps they can take to overcome this tsunami of stress. When asked about any helpful hints she has for next year’s seniors, Ysabel A. says that it’s important to start early.

“I know it’s hard with all the impending assessments, but you’ll thank yourself in the future,” she says. Don’t let that advice go to waste, juniors!

By the time spring break rolls around, mock exams will be over and the preparation for final exams will begin. The seniors’ entire schooling careers have boiled down to this point, and the stress can sometimes feel overwhelming, so if you see a senior walking around, don’t be afraid to give them a much-needed hug or shout of encouragement.