A Totally Unbiased Account of Donald Trump

Written By Zaineen Karim

Donald Trump has discriminated against numerous cultures, made offensive remarks about women, flaunted his wealth, blamed his problems on China, encouraged violence towards his protesters, and let’s not forget that awkward moment he said he’d date his own daughter. He has proven himself to be racist, sexist, elitist, hypocritical, and just plain creepy. Despite all this, Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner with an overwhelming number of supporters showing up to his rallies, which are all too reminiscent of the ones we see in dictator movies.

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So the real question is, why do so many Americans support Donald Trump?


Unfortunately, most of Trump’s followers are not properly informed about the situation in America. Trump uses this as an advantage to stretch the truth to a great degree, convincing his followers that America is much worse than it actually is. His supporters seem to genuinely believe that immigrants and Muslim people are thieves and terrorists, and in turn, believe that his solutions (like building a wall between America and Mexico and banning all Muslims from entering the country) are effective. In fact, many of his followers don’t even know about his policies. When asked about how Trump will deal with “the ISIS” one die-hard Trumpeter says, “He can’t tell us right now. If he tells everybody, then somebody’s going to copy what he says!”
(see: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDemocrats/videos/1069313286495058/)

His Successful Business

Trump claims to be a self-made man who originated from humble beginnings. He went from Brooklyn to Manhattan with hard work, determination, perseverance and a “small” contribution of $1 million from his father. Donald Trump, however, has been extremely successful in the real estate business with his multi billion dollar company, the Trump Organization. Some supporters are convinced that Trump’s success stems from innovation and leadership skills. Furthermore, it is believed that Trump will make the best decisions regarding the economy; he has an incentive because he’ll be looking to benefit his own company too.

His Lack of Filter

Trump is clearly not the typical presidential candidate. While most candidates are very diplomatic, Trump speaks his mind with absolutely no filter. Some people find this to be refreshing to presidential candidates who always say the same things.. Is this a good enough reason to vote for him? Probably not.

As elections are approaching, the world sits on the edge of its seat to see the results. As for Trump, maybe he’ll #feelthebern. If not, many Americans have expressed their desire to move to Canada in response to Trump winning the elections. As Hillary Clinton says, “You can’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great in the first place.” Under the circumstances that Trump does win, however, fear not, for there are only four more years until Kanye takes over!