How to Catch Up During the Break

By: Ahona Salsabil

With a long week of mocks and tests coming to a close, the long-awaited spring break finally begins. Spring break is a wonderful reminder that the semester is almost over; however, that thought doesn’t last long once you realize that final exams are just around the corner. With that in mind, here are a few ways to keep active during the spring break:

1. Take care of yourself

During the week, school work undoubtedly takes up a lot of time. With never-ending assessments buzzing about, it’s easy to forget to schedule in some me-time. Take the time this break to watch your health, get your sleep cycle back on track, and maybe even get some workouts done. This will recharge your brain and give it the boost it needs to get through the semester.

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2. Preparing for the ACT

Whether you are taking the ACT this May-June, this break is the perfect time to schedule in that study session you’ve been planning to do. For those who have yet to begin studying, it isn’t too late to start! The best jump-off point would be to get hold of an  ACT test prep textbook or even look up practice questions online.  


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3. Jump-start reviewing for the exams

Just like all good things, spring break will eventually come to an end and the hurricane of assessments will strike again. Spare yourself from the unnecessary stress that comes from last minute studying by revising exam topics this break. Most teachers upload the syllabus on Google Drive; use this to know which points to study and tick off finished topics as you go.

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4. Rewrite Notes

Oftentimes, as students rush to jot down as much notes down from the teacher’s explanations during class, the neatness of the notes tend to be disregarded. This break, color code and rewrite your notes in a more organized manner. Rewriting notes is another great way to revise topics because you are forced to read as you write.

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No one wants to sit around inside, glued to their textbook, but spring break allows sufficient time to catch up with courses you’ve fallen behind in. Use this time wisely, so when you get back from break, your workload will be a lot lighter and you won’t be completely stressed out.