Staying Active Over Spring Break

Article By: Kayla Uytengsu

At ISM, students do not pause their workouts for the holidays as they are constantly finding new ways to stay active. With such diversity in the locations our international students travel to, the activities Bearcats participate in could be in environments ranging from sand to snow.

Sophomore Tara H. was privileged enough to travel to the Maldives for her holiday, where she enjoyed the scenic island nation’s crystal clear waters atop a paddleboard. As a first-timer, she was thrilled to attempt a new activity and found it was “a great arm workout that tests your balance” and “also a perfect opportunity to work on your tan.” She states, “[Paddle boarding] works especially well for those with good balance and control as there is less of a challenge.” If you ever find yourself at a beach, paddle boarding can be a fun and relaxing way to keep you active while soaking up the sun.

Similarly, Junior Sophia L. took up surfing over her holiday at Kahuna Resort in La Union. As a surfer with a little experience under her belt, she cruised the waves crashing upon the shores of the beach. For someone looking for a new activity to try out, surfing is an activity that “is not too physically demanding, aside from paddling and swimming.” Sophia claims that while the activity may appear daunting, “with a little bit of practice you can catch waves, it’s pretty easy to pick up.” If you’re looking to catch waves and ride in style, surfing is a water sport that is a sure way to spice up your holidays.

If you are not as fond of the water, bring your workout up into the sky by hiking or running in the mountains. Junior Charlotte M. participated in the 10 kilometer Nature Trail Discovery Run where the “countryside and beautiful scenery” accompanied her every step. Charlotte does warn that rigorous runs such as these can “prove to be physically and mentally tiring” but through her perseverance, she discovered that the outcome was “an immense feeling of success.”

For those who stayed in Manila and don’t care for the country’s intense heat, indoor classes were a great option. Senior Isabel L. participated in Electric Studio’s Indoor Cycling located in Burgos Circle, and stated that the experience was simply “electrifying.” Isabel adored the “zen candle-lit atmosphere” and working out with a large group. She also discovered that “45 minute non-stop spinning was a tough workout, but allowed you to feel amazing while doing it.” Instead of spending a lazy day on the couch, zip over to studios such as these that offer group classes to keep fit and have fun.
Clearly, there are various ways to stay fit over the break that suit several types of people. With summer fast approaching, try out some of these activities for fun-filled days.