Get Sock Style Savvy

Article by: Selina de Dios

Socks – the unsung hero of any outfit. They can make or break the strength of your shoe game. While some people throw on any mismatching pair that they see on the top of their sock drawer, others are meticulous when it comes to selecting this article of clothing. Often, when one is presented with a range of ankle socks, crew socks, and toe socks, it becomes difficult to choose. Thankfully, BT has the master list to save any lost soles (pun intended) looking for their match.

1) Crew Socks


nike-elitesOften, you see girls and guys alike sporting crew socks with shoes, sandals, and even boat shoes. Although one may question their style choices, who can blame them for wanting to feel comfort that these cushioned socks bring? Junior Sophy M., who is a fan of these socks, says “they complement sneakers, make you feel like a total baller, and prevent blisters because they’re pretty thick.” Maybe these socks are popular because they’re multifunctional, but you’ll never know unless you try.

2) Novelty Socks


Novelty socks are also popular among ISM students. They are basically any high cut or low cut sock with a printed design on them. Popular designs often include food, artwork, and memes or celebrity figures. Liah G., a senior, said that “novelty socks are [her] favorite.” She further adds that “they make just about any outfit look interesting… [she] wears them to school a lot because [she] can still show [her] quirky style despite having to wear the school uniform.” Evidently these are the type of socks that will allow you to stand out and be unique.

3) Ankle Socks



For those who like the sporty look but don’t want to wear high socks, especially with the weather in the Philippines, then ankle socks are the next best thing. Not only do they protect your feet from blisters, enough of the sock pops out to give your outfit a little splash of color. There’s also a wide variety as they can be anything from preppy to sporty or even casual. So for any occasion, these socks are a sure fit.

4) Peds Socks



Another closet essential are peds, aka the no-show socks. These are useful for low-cut shoes such as boat shoes, Keds, Converse, and other similar styles. If you want to emphasize your shoe game without any added distractions, or if you want a clean and crisp look, then these socks are your best bet. There’s also no added pressure to pick a nice style, since they’ll be hidden anyway, so it’s a win win situation.

5) Fuzzy Socks



Although these may not be the most appropriate socks in the Philippines due to the hot weather, you should still consider owning fuzzy socks. If you’re a homebody who enjoys the comfort of their bed with the aircon on full blast, then these socks will only add to the experience of ultimate comfort. Also, come exam season, these socks will keep your feet warm and cozy in the freezing exam hall.