Broadway’s acclaimed productions have struck the hearts of hundreds of thousands and have produced iconic soundtracks people have come to know and love. In 2015, the Broadway musical Hamilton premiered and has been sold out until the fall of 2016. This production is showing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The musical centralizes around an orphan who went from rags to riches–– founding father,  Alexander Hamilton.

The show stars its very own writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who happens to be a Tony Award-winning star from In the Heights. He was inspired by the 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton, which was written by the historian Ron Chernow. Miranda initially started with The Hamilton Mixtape, which he performed in the White House later on. The production features characters such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and various other historical figures. Something that makes this musical so unique is the soundtrack––incorporating jazz, R&B, as well as hip hop to create an astounding compilation of songs. Broadway rarely features the style of music that Hamilton’s soundtrack has, highlighting the notion that all various types of music should be acknowledged, and one type isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Juxtaposing 21st century music in conjunction with the 18th century history allows the audience to become more engaged in the content, making it more entertaining. Another factor that makes this play different is the portrayal of the historical figures, which further adds to the idiosyncratic nature of the play as they veer away from what is expected of them. This particular industry has been under scrutiny over the years for the lack of inclusion of colored actors; Hamilton’s diverse cast goes against these conventions.

In order to get a sense of the Broadway experience, Mia D., a junior who has watched various Broadway musicals, said, “I think Broadway productions allow you to envelop yourself in all different aspects of the play whether it be the time period, the setting, or the characters. They make the audience feel as if they are really there, participating in all the action that is happening on stage and engaging the audience further by sometimes breaking the fourth wall and speaking to them. Additionally, I think they are so acclaimed because they bring a different sense of energy and passion that films can’t since everything is done live. The musical and dance numbers that are interspersed throughout the narrative make them fun and more captivating.”

So the next time you happen to be in New York City––sometime after fall of 2016––you should definitely consider watching Hamilton while seats are available!