Promposals of 2016

Written by: Sam Borja

From High School Musical, to 10 Things I Hate About You, to Carrie, prom has proven itself to be one of the most iconic points in every high school career. As the post-prom blues kick in, it’s time to reminisce on the ways that ISM students planned elaborate ways to ask their dates to prom (to “prompose”) and #GrabAFriend. Whether it’s a simple private ask or grand performance, every promposal is equally special and #KiligToTheBones in their own right. So, Bearcats, gear up and get ready. Here, in no particular order or rank, are just a few of the many great promposals that happened this year.


Junior Mike F. asked sophomore Erica O. to prom by having his friends give her notes with roses leading from assembly all the way to the high school courtyard, where he was waiting behind a large prom sign and a bouquet of roses. When asked about how he planned it, he says that he “wanted it to be big and special…I just really wanted it to be like that.”

Credits: JCSP Photography


Everything’s better in threes!

Junior triplets Javier L., Jaime L., and Josef L. asked fellow juniors Sophi L., Jasmine Y., and Janice K. to prom just last Tuesday with bouquets of flowers and individuals asks. Sophi L. admitted, “I got the hint it was going to happen from a couple of people, but I’ve known the triplets since the first grade, so I’m really happy to be going to prom with childhood friends. I guess being part of a triple promposal will only happen once in a lifetime so it was pretty great and funny!”

12966667_851640738314977_1319931429_nCredits: Angelica C.

“Will you be my Hiro(ki) and take me to prom?”

Senior Vicky C. asked fellow senior Hiroki A. to prom by having “a few friends help out by holding big block letters spelling out the word ‘prom.’” Vicky herself “held up a poster that said ‘Will you be my Hiro(ki) and take me to prom?’” Vicky confessed, “I was so nervous! Not only when asking, but also throughout the whole day leading up to it.”

12985544_1202570186428291_2216082903693144629_nCredits: Liah G.

Nananananana Batman!

Junior Ahona S. describes her promposal to junior Nick H. as “very last minute.” She says, “I’ve talked to Nick enough to know the things he likes and so I did my best to incorporate them. For example, two of his favorite things (as far as I know) are Batman and basketball. A really good friend of mine helped me make the Batman poster and another good friend helped make the letters to “PROM.” During break on Thursday, I asked Tom to bring him down to the 2nd floor hallway but as expected, Nick was confused and didn’t realize the promposal was for him, so he stood a meter away and I had to run up to him. I supposedly had a little speech prepared but when I stood in front of him, all the words flew out of my head. I just stood there with the poster and when he realized it was for him, he had the cutest reaction. None of us said a word for a while so I said, ‘Is that a yes?’ and he said, ‘Yes!’ Apparently he was reaching out for a hug but I was so excited that I turned around and yelled ‘He said yes!’ and I never got my hug.”

12969244_1160228334001588_1325117405_nCredits: Rendel B.


Some Lucky Nuggets

Junior Alej M. surprised fellow junior Sammy W. at her house with McDonald’s chicken nuggets, cupcakes, and a poster – what more could a girl want? When asked if she saw the promposal coming, she replied, “Not at all! It took me maybe 20 minutes to come downstairs from my room. It was really unexpected but now I’m so happy because Alej is so much fun to be around! #swag #lit.”

Credits: Soham M.


Senior Jenny K. was asked by senior Kensuke K. in the spirit of this year’s prom’s #grabafriend slogan. Going with a friend “makes things so much easier because you’re not awkwardly trying to impress or make the other person have a good time with all the pressure,” says Jenny. “Since Ken and I are so close it’s like we act normally and just play around with each other, so it’s really just comfortable going with a friend.” When asked if this promposal was a complete surprise, she replies, “I wanted to go to prom with Ken since we’re so close but I wasn’t sure if he was gonna ask. Some of my friends said he would ask but I didn’t know when. So basically on the day of [the promposal], he needed to be in the art room to make all the posters and stuff and I was there too, so my friends took me out of the art class during study hall and made me draw 20 carrots! Then I walked out with Danielle and I saw a huge crowd walking my direction in the hallway.”

12986589_10209222385907046_884843420_oCredits: Isabel L.


Ang Cute (Viet)Nam-an!

With an incredibly elaborate and grand plan, junior Jerrick T. asked his date, freshman Elisabeth C., to prom whilst they were together on a family trip in Vietnam. Jerrick says, “I decided to prompose slowly over time. On the first day, I gave her an owl plush toy – which also turns into a neck pillow (since we were going on an airplane). On the second day, we went touring around so I gave her a matching cap (hers pink and mine blue). On the third day, I gave her three tin boxes stacked. Inside the bottom, largest one I put this really special Japanese chocolate. In the middle one I put rose petals and crackers, and at the top – the smallest one – I put a very small card that asked if she wanted to have dinner with me. For the dinner I picked a meal and ordered a bouquet of pink roses, and I gave her a box with a stuffed bunny and four cards, each with the letters “P”, “R”, “O”, “M” on the back of four notes.”

12988108_10204653370012996_818080172_nCredits: Jerrick T.


“Promposal” – Junior High ft. Trinity

In one of the first promposals to kick off the season, junior Soham M. asked fellow junior Trinity M. to prom by gathering a group of guys with a portable speaker around her table, where he began his promposal by laying out some verses. Here’s an excerpt from the rap:

“Ok you moved here, new kid back in August –
And I didn’t really know you, TBH, to be honest
Now you’re winning everything – a 3-season goddess
Soccer, ball, track, oh man, I’m astonished.
Ok now my rap’s almost at its end, so hashtag grab a friend?
Now go ahead and take this marker Trinity
A yes or no question, will you got to prom with me?

At the end of the rap, he zips down his jacket to reveal a shirt with the options:

A: Yes
B: A
C: B
D: C”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.53.00 PMCredits: Trinity M.

If I Ain’t Got You

In one of the grander gestures, senior Nada D. promposed to sophomore Bettina B. with a public serenade in the middle of lunch with Bettina seated in the center of the crowd. Nada then began to sing Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” and ended with a few lines dedicated to the Senior Class of 2016 (#sentisixteen), then brought out a bouquet of flowers and asked her to prom. Bettina says, “I was confused at first. I never expected to be asked to prom so I was absolutely shocked. But it was an amazing set up and walking through the canteen was an honor. I was also very thankful Raf pulled me a chair. (Thank you, Raf!)” The whole thing was a successful surprise, as she was “very very confused! It was actually really funny because it got really awkward between Khenzom, Alex, and I (the people in charge of distracting me) and I still didn’t know what was going on. In reality I was really looking forward to eating food. Even in the canteen, I was still kind of confused. Everyone was telling me to watch a promposal, but I was hungry and I didn’t really think it was so important at the time and I brushed it off. I sort of got the hint after all the stares I got.”

12980878_10201618280294484_987541486_oCredits: Nada D.