Study Leaves

Article By: Jessica Cuadro

To any student in the International Baccalaureate (IB), a week-long break certainly sounds like heaven. But when you’re a Senior and it’s the week before the IB exams, your so-called “break” seems more like hell.

Officially known as a “study leave”, the break before the IB exams serves as a time for Seniors to review the material they have learned throughout two years in the IB. The length of each study leave is based on the grade’s productivity levels, as determined by their attendance records and overall performance. While some Seniors take advantage of this time to study relentlessly for the hard week ahead, others find that they actually prefer more regulated study sessions in school.

Ultimately, the way in which the week-long break is managed depends entirely on the student. During the their mock exams last March, many Seniors chose to stay in school until late afternoon. By doing so, they were able to go to their teachers and personally ask them specific questions. They also took advantage of various school facilities, including the multiple study tables in the counseling center and the quiet, distraction-free environment in the high school library. This study leave for their real IB exams provides them with the same option to stay home or in school. Senior President John H. says, “Personally, I intend on going to school every day during the study leave. I find that being supervised and in a school environment reduces the risk of procrastination, but again, it depends on the student.”

On the other hand, staying at home can also take away the distractions of friendly conversations and casual discussions, as well as allow students to use their own resources and facilities in the comfort of their own homes. Sami U. explains: “It may be beneficial to study at home because I have all my resources here, like all of my textbooks, markers, notes etc., which would be difficult to bring with me if I went to school instead.”