Article By: Kayla Uytengsu

Amidst the relaxation, travel, and de-stressing that ISM’s students and faculty indulge in over the summer, many members of the Bearcat community incorporate fitness into these holidays. Whether this be in preparation for upcoming sports seasons, or simply keeping healthy and active, participating in summer sports is just another reason to be excited for the summer break.

Freshman Madison M. plans to spend her summer dedicated to practicing and competing as a fourth-year member with her select lacrosse team, the Skywalkers, where she takes part in tournaments across the East Coast. Despite having to endure challenging trainings, she reflects, “I play because it’s my passion.” Aside from this, she states that “the big goal is to be recruited by a Division 1 school for college,” making each day crucial and meaningful for herself and her team. A regular day for her in the summer includes a three-hour “high intensity and pressure-filled” training regime where she often finds that “both [her] pain and [her] happiness” are able to coexist.

Similarly, sophomore Ryan S. plans to attend rugby camps at Dartmouth College and UC Berkeley, both of which he has been participating in for the past few years. He finds that camps are especially useful as they encompass both the “physical aspect in training sessions focusing on skills and conditioning, but also the intangible part such as the mental side.” Ryan shares, “[Camps] allow me to prepare for the season as well as stay active doing a sport that I enjoy.” His desire to participate in camps is driven by a “combination of wanting to improve and wanting to take in the experience.”

As many know, Coach Richard H. has enriched high school students and teachers alike through his workout methods and circuit training for a number of years. As a fitness buff, he too stays active over the summer. Because he spends most of the school year training for both overall fitness and the league sports he competes in, he states that “in the summer, I push everything else to the side” and instead focuses on “lifting weights and bulking up.” He explains, “As part of my job, I have the duty to practice what I preach because knowing the effects of workouts on my body can help me apply it to others.” He stresses that “off-season training is vital to improving for the season,” which is something he keeps in mind when structuring workouts for students over the holidays. Coach Rich also encourages “using research as a way to find workouts suited to you.”

Take it from these Bearcat role models, exercise is a great way to fill your summer up with fun and will lead you back to school with a new spring in your step, and there is no end to the ways in which you can do this.

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