The Final Home Stretch: College Acceptances

Article By: Daniel Jachim

For many students, high school is a means to an end. The means? Countless hours poured into academics, extracurricular, and applications, all with the goal of reaching that desirable end: university. And now, with March wrapped up, many seniors have finally reached their goals of being accepted into a variety of schools all over the world. But how exactly has this affected them? Has the effort been worth it? Several seniors were willing to share their thoughts with BT.

Louis Richez, who will be heading to Canada next year, confided that “it feels great to have been accepted. It’s very satisfying to know that a university wants to have you.” However, he also warned that “At the same time, the stress isn’t over,” explaining it was like “getting an amazing new gift for your birthday and being ever so careful as to not to break it.” These wise words of warning should be taken to heart. However, he concluded on a positive note: “It’s a first step in a long independent journey, and [he] can’t wait to take it.”

However, Seniors are not the only ones with university on their minds. Many current Juniors are already feeling the pressure to apply and in turn get accepted. Abhishek Kottamasu, a Junior, believes that “the process of application for university is exciting like having a chance to win the lottery.” However, he also believes that it is very daunting, “because we have to write so many applications, and college is not as sheltered as school.” He’s not wrong. For many students at ISM, university will be the first time they are fully independent.

These fears are not unique to Juniors though. Many Seniors share the same fears, and for them, university much a much closer concept than for their younger compatriots. Sebastian Sy, a Senior, explained how at ISM “the administration can be very strict”, citing how “there are drug tests, and lots of rules about leaving campus.” He followed up that he was grateful for this, since “all the rules are meant to keep us safe.” However, he left with a final word of caution, that in university, people are going to be “on their own, probably for the first time ever”, and that many might have “trouble dealing with it”.

It is clear that university is something on most seniors’ minds as they move closer to graduation. While many people have already decided which university they wish to go to, and some have even enrolled, at time of writing, many students are still waiting to hear back, such as those applying to the UK and Singapore. However, all have hope that their futures will be as bright as they are willing to make them.