Prom 2016

By Gitika Bose

Floor-length gowns, six-inch heels, and perfect curls next to the classic tuxedos and fascinating corsages is one way of describing every high schooler’s favorite day: prom. While everyone has his or her own style and a unique look, prom is the one day when almost all students are free to embrace their favorite designs. On April 16, juniors experienced their first prom and seniors experienced their last. The room was definitely filled with senti smiles and maybe some tears.

Prom had many highlights and was no doubt fun for most. A new twist this year made it all the more exciting as Bearcats embraced the “grab a friend” slogan. Though the beauty of promposals and cute couples is never forgotten, friends are never less amazing to have by your side at this memorable event. Who needs a date when you have a group of weird people who just get you?

Lileya, a junior who enjoyed her first prom this year, exclaimed, “I really liked the photo stations and getting to hang out with friends in dressy but formal clothes!” It is fun to have a relaxed hangout with all your friends with the joy of dressing up. Just seeing the care with which almost everyone chose to dress up (and bear the pain from high heels) was extraordinary. For many others, like junior Ahona Salsabil, “dancing with friends” is always the best part of prom.

Member of prom committee Apek S. shares that, “Prom 2016 was definitely successful, and I think over four months of hard work finally paid off to make an amazing night. The highlight of prom, and I think prom in general, is the happiness and excitement that comes with it – whether that be the process of dressing up, or seeing your friends look amazing, or just having that one night where you just forget about everything and enjoy the moment with the people you love the most.

Then comes the three-course sit down meal prepared in Dusit Thani. Just the sound of this brings back cravings for the delicious food. Even as people sat through their meals, prom committee ensured entertaining performers and great hosts.

Next up on prom highlights was the probably the most anticipated moment during prom. Looking around, everyone looks beautiful, all the couples have an undeniable cuteness together, the level of friendship is beyond scales. Yet everyone wonders: who will be prom king and queen? Prince and princess? Best friend goals? And best dressed? For those who are still not sure:

Prom King and Queen: Justin Pesengco and Sophia de Dios
Prince and Princess: Collin Mazeika and Tamiyka Abbott
Best Friend Goals: Javier Syquia and Sophia de Dios
Best Dressed: Liana Lopez and Mark Winhoffer

Looking back at all the effort that has gone into prom, prom committee should be thanked and appreciated for all their work. It definitely was not easy. Apek, who is also a member of the prom committee, explains some of the difficulties with planning the actual event. She says, “For me, I think the most difficult part was communicating with people. This does not include just the people from the committee, but also the people going to prom. Not getting people to buy enough tickets in the beginning was very stressful, but at the end, ticket sales exceeded the minimum requirement and everyone was very happy about that.”
It is great to see that as an event, it was hugely successful from all perspectives – it was an excellent learning experience for the Prom Committee and an extremely fun night for all the students.