#senti16: Seniors Quotes

Compiled by Jessica Cuadro

From winning Battle of the Bearcats in September to living the Greek life for a day in our very own cafeteria, the Class of 2016 has made this year nothing short of memorable. With only a few weeks before graduation, our seniors share some of their best and worst high school memories.

What advice would you give to your freshman self?

It’s okay not to have it all figured out; things change, and in their own time, things fall into their rightful places.”

How has your relationship with grades changed throughout the years?

“I used to check PowerSchool six times a day in sophomore year. Now it’s like six times a semester.”

“I’ve always been someone who’s put too much pressure and emphasis on grades, and while of course they do have some importance, high school is about so much more than those numbers or letters. I think this year I definitely pushed myself to the best of my ability, but I made sure to keep a balance. If there’s a study hall where you’re contemplating whether or not to try and cram for a test, go and spend time with your friends instead. At the end of high school you’ll remember moments where you made connections with people, not that one test that maybe you didn’t get a 7 in.”

“My grades meant the world to me when I was younger, and I’m not saying that they don’t mean anything to me now, but I have come to realize over the years that there are things more worthwhile and more worth remembering than a number written on a piece of paper.”

Tell us about your squad.

“My squad is always there to drag me back to reality and supporting me. Basically, we’re a bunch of people panicking together to support each other.”

“They’ve always given me competition and it’s always made me want to perform better in class.”

“The only group of people who can make me laugh right after a test I know I failed.”

“One word: LADSfests.

When you look back on high school a few years from now, what do you think will stand out the most?

“The moments I’d probably remember the most would be winning BoB in our senior year, because it was the first time I truly felt that bond between everyone in our batch, and our very last day, when we pulled off an awesome senior prank and got incredibly senti with all of my friends. I’ll also remember some of the smaller moments, like the parties where I’ve gotten to meet people from other batches, and Battle of the Bands, and watching the incredible HS plays and 100% Dance Co. recitals.” – Liah G.

“Performing at BOB and my first HS Play… The Inspector General really made me feel equal amongst my peers and we all had a great laugh making laughs. Other than that it would be the odd hilarities in classes and making new friends.”

“Lunch times… I loved the big-table concept, where everyone would just sit and talk. It was usually the only banter-able time and place we had.” – Devesh R.

“Ahhh, lots! But it’s gotta be forming unbreakable friendships through doing the things that I love most.”