Looking Forward to Life as a Senior

Article By: Selina de Dios

As the class of 2016 finishes its lasts of high school, the senti seniors are ready to say goodbye. After a long and arduous year, they now prepare for the rigorous final IB exams, which are a culmination of all they have learned in their last two years of high school. As the seniors start looking back at all the memories (and notes) they have made, the Class of 2017 is looking forward to arguably the most feared, anticipated, and yet unforgettable year of high school: senior year. It’s impossible to assume how the collective group feels about the unpredictable year ahead, but a few juniors were willing to give some insights.

Jeffrey B. has been at ISM since 8th grade. When asked what he looked forward to about senior year, he mentioned that he was most excited about “spending as much time with [his] family and friends because [he] knows [he] won’t be able to share certain moments with them when [he] leaves for college.” Despite this positive outlook, Jeff is also dreading “college apps and basically any assessment as these will basically determine the college [he] goes to.” Although the Class of 2017 cannot escape the inevitable, the students are doing everything in their power to still make the most of the rest of their experiences.

Similarly, another junior, Jasmine B., explains that “being at the school for so long, you would think that every year is a cycle with the school year beginning and ending just the same. But in ISM, it’s the complete opposite.” Being here for 12 years, Jasmine has seen many students come and go. Despite this, “[she] looks forward to the time [she] has left, cherishing experiences and memories with [her] greatest friends.” Although senior year can be promising, Jasmine, like Jeffrey, acknowledges the fact that “it has its downside as well.”  She knows that senior year brings added responsibilities, and “[she] does not look forward to having to balance [her] IB life, while applying to colleges abroad.”

While there are definitely mixed feelings about what the coming year will bring, it is undeniable that it will be a memorable one for all. As a year of discovery, a year of fulfillment, and a year of lasts, senior year will keep the Class of 2017 on its toes, as they will never know what to expect next. What they do know, however, is that no matter what happens, they can take comfort in knowing that there are two hundred other students experiencing it all at the same time. Two hundred students who are ready to take on the challenge. Two hundred students ready to take the last year of high school in a stride.