#SentiSixteen’s Final Farewell

Article By: Anugraha Babuji

As for our batch dynamic, many regarded the Class of 2016 as a somewhat loosely knit batch which was speckled with groups of students who secluded themselves from others in the grade. However, as we progressed through High School and got used to the many familiar faces around school, we grew closer to each other and mustered up enough batch spirit to win our last Battle of the Bearcats. Though many regret not having become friends with others in the grade earlier on, there are still a large array of aspects of high school that we seniors are grateful for and will truly miss.

While many students do Saturday services simply to fulfill their CAS hours and get their IB diploma, some of us realized that we fell in love with doing service and interacting with children from our service partners, as senior Umar M. claims that “Saturday services will be one thing I will truly miss from high school.” On the other hand, senior Ash Li K. simply says that the one thing she’ll miss is most probably “the strong sense of the Bearcat spirit in ISM. [She has] met the most inspiring and motivated people in the student body that push [her] to strive for improvement. [ISM] is a very supportive school that challenges each person to do his/her best and I don’t think college will come close to replicating the tight-knit community that exists here.”

A holistic lesson learned by senior Aparna A. was that “the most valuable thing you can take away from [high school] are the relationships you have built with fellow students, teachers and more. More so than your achievements and grades which fade with importance with each year that passes, it’s the shared smiles, laughs, and struggles that you remember and really shape who you are. Don’t ever lose sight of that.”

As for the highlights of our last year in high school, Ash Li elaborates that Battle of the Bearcats was the highlight “not just because we emerged victorious but more so that it was the one event that facilitated the unity of the senior batch. We were up against harsh criticism and disbelievers but on that day, we were all united with a single goal. The spirit we had as a batch that day was so powerful and I’m glad we finally achieved what we deserved.”

As a senior in the Class of 2016, I am proud to have gone through high school with this batch and beyond happy to be able to graduate with this group of people. I think that the Class of 2016 has not only carried forward the traditions from past graduating classes, such as that of seniors winning the BOB title, or pulling off the best and most appreciated pranks, but has also made history, such as with the boys soccer and rugby winning the gold medal for the first time in history, and consequently the extraordinary double gold at home during IASAS rugby/touch. More history was made with the first IASAS robotics group competing at the World Robotics Competition in the US as well as Team A winning gold in Debate. And while the promise of tomorrow is somewhat hard to swallow with the weight of leaving it all, it is safe to say that the Class of 2016 has successfully made a lasting impact in the Bearcat community. Seniors, long may we reign.