Month: August 2016

New Faces Around ISM

Article By: Joaquin Mayo A brand new school year signals numerous changes here at ISM. From new students to upgraded facilities, ISM welcomes these additions with open arms. However, with the new year also come fresh faces to the already-vibrant ISM community. Several new staff members were interviewed to give us a glimpse of their […]


The HS Play: What to Expect

Article By: Ahona Salsabil It’s that time of year when budding ISM actors can channel their inner Leonardo DiCaprio and showcase their talents on stage. It has recently been announced that this year’s HS play will be Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. Deemed one of Shakespeare’s best comedies, the original story follows a […]


Turf War sa ISM

Article By: Selina de Dios Systems: interdependent elements coming together to form a whole. While some are more complex than others, they all serve the same purpose. Some of these systems are fascinating, yet, despite years of research, they remain unexplainable. Others, however, are clearly man-made. Stoplights, for example. These luminescent flashing bulbs are placed […]