Most Popular PokemonGo Spots in Manila

Compiled by: Bethan Henderson

Header illustration by Jay Jao

Ever since the Pokemon Go app was first announced, Pokemon fans worldwide have been eagerly anticipating the revolutionary new game. Pokemon Go is a free mobile game developed by Niantic Inc., which uses augmented reality and GPS technology to transport the user into the world of Pokemon. The player is able to catch and train Pokemon, battle others in gyms, visit PokeStops, and simply fulfill many people’s childhood dreams of being a Pokemon master.

Although there are many people out there who have quickly grown obsessed with Pokemon Go, there are also those who dislike the app. The distracting nature of the game has resulted in multiple players ending up in car accidents and cases of users being robbed. Most of these unfortunate accidents have taken place because the players were being careless, but it still raises some genuine safety concerns.

However, the app has also undoubtedly brought great happiness to millions worldwide. Businesses with PokeStops near them have benefited from more customer traffic. Additionally, unlike most video games, this app promotes physical activity by getting people off their couches.  

Whether you love it or hate it, Pokemon Go is a global sensation with over 100 million users and quickly became the most downloaded app ever within the first week of its release. It’s clear to see that Pokemania has also taken the Philippines by storm, evidenced by the countless Pokemon Go users that have accumulated around High Street, or those wandering around the city desperately struggling to catch any Pokemon that isn’t a pidgey.

Pokestops are the main reason for the sudden surge of people in various destinations around the city. They’re often found at places of interest which allow you to acquire items such as eggs or Poke Balls. Pokestops can be a great way of discovering new places while simultaneously collecting important items. So for all of you Pokemon Go players, here are the top 5 PokeStops in Manila.

1. Subspace Coffee House, Grand Emerald Tower in Pasig City

After all that Pokemon hunting you’re bound to get hungry. The PokeStop in Subspace Coffee House on the ground floor of Grand Emerald Tower is a great place to collect items while you grab a snack.

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2. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

As mentioned before, High Street is crawling with PokeStops. As it’s right by ISM, you can head over there after school with your friends and go on a group Pokemon expedition.

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3. Shrine of Mary, EDSA

The Shrine of Mary is not only a PokeStop, but also a small church built in 1989 to commemorate the People Power Revolution. So if you’d like to soak up a little history while you’re on the prowl for Pokemon, check this PokeStop out.


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4. SM Aura’s Dancing Fountain, Taguig

SM malls are home to many PokeStops, but perhaps the prettiest can be found at SM Aura’s Dancing Fountain. As well as finding Pokemon, you’ll find a stunning display of water and lights.

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5. SM Megamall’s Grand Carousel, Ortigas

Taking a trip SM Megamall could be a lot of fun, not only because of the overwhelming number of PokeStops that it offers but also because one of them happens to be a huge carousel, making it worth checking out!

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