10 New School Renovations: 2016 Edition

Compiled by: Georgia Limcaoco

Photographs by: Mike Feng

With the start of each new school year, some things are always bound to change. There’s always room for improvement, and in a place as full of potential as ISM, Bearcats can always expect to see some new updates around campus upon returning from summer. Here are ten of the newest on-campus renovations to kick off the new school year.

#1: Kantina

The ‘Kantina’ introduces new vendors such as Prego and Chihuahua Mexican Grill, and looks less like a school cafeteria than a food court to rival SM Aura’s.

(Tip: Good Eats sells salads, sushi and sandwiches at 30% off after 4 pm.)


#2: Bearcat Café

Allegro has moved its coffee-and-pastries selection to a new location outside the FAT: the new, picture-perfect Bearcat Café! Fun fact: the colorful chalk art in the café was done by Liah G. from the batch of 2016.


#3: HS Library

Everyone learns in a different way, and the new HS library aims to cater to every student’s needs with areas designated for conversation, collaboration, and contemplation.


#4: MS and ES Libraries

The MS and ES libraries have gone through some major changes this year, including switching locations and introducing more age-appropriate furniture.


#5: New Fitness Center

Designed by Mr. Dodd from the ground up, the new fitness room is around 70% larger than it used to be, with specialist flooring and floor markings for “agility, plyometrics and group workouts.”


#6: Seminar Rooms

Looking for a place your club or study group can meet? The ten new seminar rooms, including four open for student booking, may just be the solution you’ve been hoping for.


#7: Sections of ES Playground

Though it’s still awaiting the arrival of a new trampoline and climbing frame, the ES kids this year are sure to have a blast on the newly renovated playground.


#8: Little Theater

With a new hardwood floor, pull-out seating and a new lighting grid to be installed in October, the LT has upped its capacity and definitely changed for the better.


#9:IT Center

Technology is a huge part of life at ISM, and the IT department just got a major expansion. The bright new offices might just make the long walk for tech help worth it.


#10: New Signs Posted Around School

With all the new renovations this year, we’ll all need some way to remember what’s changed. Luckily, the new signs around school can help us do just that.


ISM’s campus just keeps improving over the years. We hear that Mr. Dickinson has his eye on the art rooms and film lab for next year’s improvements, but who knows? Anything can happen – the only thing Bearcats can expect is an even better campus upon their return.