The Taylor Swift Takedown

Article By: Alfonso Syquia

Over the summer, Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat story, which exposed Taylor Swift’s consent of the song “Famous” by Kanye West, took the internet by storm. After Taylor combatted the song’s lyrics in her acceptance speech for album of the year at the Grammys, Kim and Kanye claimed that Taylor had actually heard the song before its release and given her blessing.

When it seemed that the controversy had finally died down, Kim leaked recordings of the phone call between Kanye and Taylor and released them on Snapchat. In the videos, Taylor was caught saying that the Kanye’s gesture to let her know in advance was “sweet” and that the lyrics were “obviously very tongue in cheek.” These clips drove the internet into a frenzy and people started supporting Team Kim and Kanye, leaving behind a dwindling number of Taylor Swift supporters.

According to Junior Jaymee F., a big fan of Kanye West, “Taylor did not demonstrate good morals by lying and trying to make a bigger deal about it in her speech during the Grammy Awards. She deserves the hate she got from the internet because of her complete change in attitude towards Kanye West.”

“Kim’s actions were justified because she had to protect her husband’s reputation,” Jaymee adds.

On the other hand, when long-time Taylor Swift fan and sophomore Maia N. was asked about the issue, she admitted that even though she’s been a fan of Taylor since first grade, she started to support Kanye after Taylor was exposed.

“Taylor deserves the hate she got, because she lied,” Maia says. “Even though the leak was a slight invasion of privacy, it was justified because it was necessary to prove that Taylor was lying. I’m glad Taylor got called out, Famous is a good song and now I listen to more Kanye than I do Taylor,” she adds.

Evidently, the Taylor Swift takedown has evoked strong reactions from ISM students as well. The opinion of people on the Internet is reflected in ISM as fans of both parties find themselves supporting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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