Month: September 2016

ISM’s Pre-Game Rituals

Article by: Aayush Gupta Photographs by: Ana Natividad Sporting events induce stress. It’s human nature to get nervous before a big game or event. In order to dismiss that feeling, many athletes usually conduct some form of a pre-game ritual to provide a sense of calming familiarity. This ritual varies for each and every person; […]


The New iPhone 7 and iOS 10

Article by: Ahona Salsabil In today’s realm of technology, there is always room for upgrades and improvements. As always, Apple has been a regular on board this train, releasing a new model of the iPhone every year. Recently, social media has been buzzing about the new software upgrade to iOS 10 which was released on […]


Season 1 Pre-IASAS Recap

Article by: Margarita Te From September 16th to 18th, a number of ISM athletes traveled to Thailand and Singapore for this school year’s very first Pre-IASAS tournament, often dubbed, “Pre-I”. The cross country and varsity soccer teams competed in Bangkok, while the volleyball teams vied against other IASAS schools in Singapore. At the end of […]