ISM’s Teenage Entrepreneurs

Article By: Kamille Jude

Photograph By: Medha Srivastava

The three ISM core values that have been instilled in students exhibit the strong moral compass of our community: integrity, service, merit. Students have demonstrated their commitment to these principles through commitments in extra-curricular activities, sports, and in addition to that, staying on top of a heavy workload. More impressively, some of our fellow Bearcats even take it one step further to establish their own startup businesses. These students have invested their time and effort into these projects; however, this hard work has gone unnoticed––until now.

The school’s diverse community is also reflected in the various companies its students create. For example, Senior Selina D. has started a company called “Verge”, which will focus on developing the Philippine sports program. Upon being asked about her inspiration, she said, “After my injury I was looking for ways to pursue my interest in sports – I was pretty limited in terms of being able to play and because I take Business, I wanted to put my knowledge to practical use.” Although this sounds easy enough, Selina admits that “it hasn’t really gotten off the ground. The beginning stage is a lot of trial and error. My plan is to quickly formalize start-up requirements, and from there, partner with other business people in a similar industry.”

Another Senior, Yvette Y., has started a case company called ‘Encased Cases’. She decided to start this project because she “noticed that people with old phones couldn’t get a case of their own once new phones came out.” Naturally, this prompted her “to start a phone case business for all these people.” Elaborating on the process, she said, “A lot of it was done at school. I swapped my free time for designing the cases and advertising campaigns. Although, what people mainly buy from me are custom cases, I still wanted to provide my own designs that reflected my personality.”

Furthermore, Senior Michael B., has recently developed his new idea called SRVR – “The Server for Service” – a platform with information on service opportunities for smartphone users. In regards to how he initiated this project, he said, “After GIN Bali, our head advisor told the delegation that if we were interested in staying engaged with real-life sustainable opportunities, we should enter and use the planning program we learned about (Pyramid Lite).” He was inspired after learning “about the benefits and flaws of top-down and bottom up forms of development in school. As a half joke, one of the members suggested doing ‘Tinder, but for service’, and we ended up going with it.”

These are just some of the many students that have commenced their own business, pursuing their endeavours way past the classroom. With driven minds, a strong passion for a cause, and even stronger time management, the opportunities are truly endless.