ISM’s New Gym

Article By: Josh Miller

Over the eight-week summer vacation that is now long gone, a number of new gyms popped up across Metro Manila stirring a lot of interest in the process. Many ISM students eagerly awaited the release of Pokémon Go in the Philippines to check out all these new gyms; however, for others, the gym accompanied with perhaps the most hype is located within the walls of the school: as part of the annual renovations, ISM’s fitness studio and gym received a makeover that got everyone talking.

According to fitness instructor Coach Rich, changes to the new Bearcat Gym include the extended open spaces and the “multi-functional floor, which is perfect for those people who want to focus more on yoga and bodyweight exercises.” These changes thrill the school’s regular gym-goers and have caused a rise in the so called “gym culture.” More and more students, and even teachers, have flocked to the gym during their free time and after school to get a quick workout in. In fact, Coach Rich has confirmed the rise in gym culture stating that “circuit training sessions now average 20-25 teachers compared to 10-15 from previous years.”

Boys basketball captain, senior Conner M., comments that the new renovations in the gym have captivated the attention of many people and “because of this, word spreads and more students want to work out.” Conner shares that he personally finds the open area to be useful as he “can dribble a basketball in between workouts for a quick break.”

Additionally, golf athlete, senior Tony Y., appreciates the modifications made over the break as, noting “brand new equipment always excites me.” Tony also commented that the gym’s expansion doesn’t matter as “new equipment and facilities motivate everyone, not just (him).” Senior Jeffrey B., who took a break from organized sports for a year to focus on building his body up, agrees with Tony, remarking that “it would be a shame and waste for me not to use such high quality facilities”.

While second and third season athletes have been the gym’s recent regular customers, the gym’s doors have been and continue to be open to students and teachers of all ages and fitness levels. Come and drop by the gym during your free time to keep active, or even just to check out the new equipment!