What’s New in the Bearcat Den?

Article by: Sacha Bindra

Photograph by: Charvie Yadav

The Bearcat Den is the place to go to buy a range of Bearcat merchandise and useful daily-use products including water bottles, bags, sweatshirts, pencil cases, and more! Within the last two years, ISM students have seen the Bearcat Den evolve immensely, with renovations and new products being constantly introduced. This new school year in particular, the Den has introduced a variety of new innovative items for all to enjoy.

A prime example of one of these fantastic new products is the new Nike-sponsored ISM gym bag, which, according to Bearcat Den employees, has gained great attention in the past month. Unlike earlier versions of the bag, this one features a more simple design and color scheme, a more subtle way to display ISM spirit. These bags are ever popular due to their functionality and style, and Nike reputable high quality. Another sought-after product is the new Klean Kanteen water bottles. Like the gym bag, their utility and aesthetic are favored by students, athletes, teachers, and parents alike.

In addition to these products are the popular ISM t-shirts, which were a major hit last year, and continue to rein in buyers in 2016. Their affordability and range of designs make them a convenient, stylish, and fitting buy for all. The current stock features designs with diverse colors and designs, bound to fit everyone’s differing personalities.

Being at an international school, many ISM students frequently travel across the Philippines and the globe to seek new experiences. Fortunately, the Bearcat Den now caters to these frequent travel needs, with bags and other school-themed necessities both for travelling IASAS participants and other frequent flyers. Furthermore, the store now also carries ISM-themed rugby balls for athletes or those looking for a good workout. All of these amazing products emphasize school spirit with the ISM logo on display everywhere from in the air to on the field. With regard to other school essentials, school supplies and items such as lunch boxes and pencil cases are now available for purchase as well.

It’s exciting to witness the development of the Bearcat Den into a convenient “one-stop shop” where students have the potential to display their enthusiasm, as well as support for ISM teams through sweaters, stuffed toys, and more! Amidst the understandable excitement surrounding the aforementioned products, it’s easy to forget the benefits the Bearcat Den holds for the entire community. Most notably, profits from all products go towards the ISM scholarship fund, a highly noteworthy cause; the Den is an ISM establishment that promotes culture and community within the school that truly promotes Bearcat spirit. From athletics to scholarships, the Bearcat Den aids students in embodying all of ISM’s core values, so grab your reusable ISM Bearcat duffel bag and head on over to the Den for a shopping spree today!