Club Expo Countdown

Article By: Audrey Sy

Photograph By: Sarah Daniels

Every year, without fail, ISM clubs rally their members, posters, and assorted vehicles of advertisement to promote themselves among the high school community. Club Expo is an annual event that takes place near the start of every school year that allows high school clubs, societies, and committees to “show what high school activities are like… and to share their passion,” as senior Selina D. puts it.

Though the entire day of club exhibitions is filled with a blur of students rushing around in the sign-up frenzy, this year’s Club Expo can be broken down into a slightly less-chaotic chronology of events:

07:10 AM While most typical ISM students are still rolling out of bed to an anticipated late start, yawning club council members slowly start to trickle up the stairs leading to the fourth floor Lofthouses A and B.

07:15 AM Students clad in green, black, and white ISM uniforms begin to descend upon the plastic tables and, like vultures, lay their claim on the five-meter tall poster boards ringing the room, vying for the best locations. Marking slots with sheets of paper, sophomore Alexis L. comments, “I really came early to reserve slots for the three clubs I’m involved in.”

08:20 AM With ten minutes left before the bell rings, club members race to finish    decorating their spaces with posters and colored chalk. Ambitiously, the Robotics club rolls in a flame-throwing Darth Vader and mechanical WALL-E, while the Philippine Cultural Club finishes setting up projectors to showcase their club photos.  

11:40 AM Showtime: the previously empty lofthouse is bursting with eager students – some looking to find a passion, a college app filler, a free lunch for the day – or all three. When asked what she was searching for, new sophomore student Zelda F., said, “I don’t know yet, but with all these clubs here I’m sure I’ll find something!” Despite reports of eager underclassmen signing up for up to five or more clubs at once, the busier juniors and seniors tend to devote themselves to one or two main activities. Asked how she manages to balance her time as President of the Chinese Cultural Club, junior Katie G. maintains that, “when you have a passion for something, the time for it comes naturally.”

12:15 AM Looking less like a sardine can near the end of lunch, the room comfortably fits the few dozen students left inside. Finished with the stage of mass club sign-ups, Battle Of the Bands Executive Director, senior Selina, reflects that “food and stickers are a huge game changer; a lot of people seem to be attracted to our booth for [the food and decor] it has.”  

03:30 PM Club Expo wraps up as students begin packing up the food, posters, and merchandise left intact from the day. Though students may leave with fear of over-commitment, certainly none leave unsatisfied.