VMA Shade

Article by: Seo Young Oh

The MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, otherwise known as the VMAs, is a highly anticipated annual event in which artists representing a diversity of genres gather to receive a “moonman”- an astronaut-shaped trophy awarded to the best music video(s) for each category. These categories range from pop, to rock, to country and more. The VMA ceremony is also notorious for the “shade” that is thrown around. From the unforgettable Kanye- Swift- Beyonce interruption of 2009 to Minaj-Cyrus’s iconic “Miley, what’s good?”, it seems almost impossible for the VMAs not to become a trending topic around the world every year.

This year’s was no different. Junior Eun Jee L. mirrors the rest of the world’s interest in the yearly entertainment the VMA ceremony brings by stating that while she does not watch other award shows, “the VMAs are worth watching because there are so many funny moments. You can also see the celebrities interact between each other. My favorite moment was definitely the audience-cams where I could see some of the celebrities looking bored and unamused at others’ performances. I laughed really hard when I saw unimpressed Rita Ora watching Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ performance.”

According to sophomore Sofia D., the VMA ceremony is “only somewhat interesting when something juicy happens, but otherwise, it’s kind of irrelevant.” She also states that “the Miley vs. Nicki feud last year was [her] favorite VMA shade moment of all time” because it was “so funny and made me want to watch the rest of the show to catch any other shady moments.” She goes on to explain that though some of the feuds are things worthy of a juicy discussion with friends, they sometimes seem “a bit unnecessary and maybe even petty in some cases.”

Whether or not people find the feuds in the VMA ceremony petty, one thing is clear: we cannot get enough of the drama that occurs when famous faces, on-screen crushes, and people who live in the entertainment world come together for one night to stay in our conversations for days. The VMAs are surely an event full of drama, so who knows which celebrities will be feuding it out in next year’s show? And when the VMA ceremony is over for the year, where else can we turn to for our entertainment than to each other?

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