Stranger Things Have Happened

Article by: Gitika Bose

Telekinetic kids. Disappearing friends. Parallel worlds. If these sound like elements of an 80’s horror flick, you’d be wrong. If these sound like elements of a science fiction, supernatural fiction, horror fiction, mystery and historical period drama, you’d be right. If these sound like elements of Stranger Things, the new show creating much hype around the world, you’d be right.

Stranger Things is a Netflix-original drama about Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983, a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, suddenly goes missing, leading to an intense investigation into his disappearance. In the process, they unravel series of mysteries that involve secret government experiments, eerie supernatural forces, and an unusual little girl.

Many ISM students who watch the show enthusiastically would agree with the positive excitement developing everywhere. Lukas Fiechter (12) shares, “I like the way they’ve developed everything so far. The dynamic between Eleven and the boys seems very natural, especially with the way they talk and interact. I enjoy how they stray from most shows and movies in that having a super power doesn’t make Eleven this automatic hero – she’s flawed and has several obvious mental issues. It’s also set in the past and has this very early Spielberg feel to it. Despite the fact that there are creatures walking around, the characters don’t suddenly become very stoic. They’re all terrified and grounds the show in reality, despite its absurd storyline.” He continues, highlighting one flaw: “I wish the end was a bit more powerful; I feel like they set so much up that there wasn’t enough pay-off for everything, but at the same time because of this, I want to see what happens next.”

Similarly, Rendel Balisi (12) says, “I think the show is really interesting and the idea of the show really interested me because I’m really into thriller/horror type of shows. Before I started watching I actually had no clue what to expect, but I was really pleased, even though I’m still only on episode 4 and I started last month.” For all you music lovers, he also shares that “the soundtrack is also bomb!” Coming from the perspective of a film student, Rendel also shares that  “the cinematography was really, really good.”

While Stranger Things is seemingly deserving of this hype, for many people it still may not be the right show. You may be like Neha Nagpal, also an ISM senior, for whom “horror at night is a no-no.” After all, no two people can have the exact same views. However, if you like thrillers or dramas, definitely go ahead and give Stranger Things a try.

So, how does an eight episode long, 80’s inspired, horror show become the show to watch? I don’t know. But stranger things have happened.