Article By: Selina de Dios

There are a lot of things that come with being a senior: the stress and anxiety from the increased workload, an unmeasurable amount of caffeine in one’s system, and arguably the best one yet, a few rewards known as Senior Privilege. Many of the seniors will turn 18 before they graduate, which means they are already able to drive and vote, not to mention the fact that they’ve endured 3 gruelling years of high school. They deserve a break, and so some of the rules have eased up. However, it is expected that this occasion also calls for added caution: after all, with great power, comes great responsibility.

So, what exactly are seniors entitled to? To begin, seniors are now officially allowed to come to school late or leave early if they have study hall as their first or last block. Although study hall starts as early as junior year, it is only when you are a senior that you can take advantage of the extra hour and ten minutes. Great, right? But wait, there’s more. Imagine you’re running late to school, and for some reason you have no way there. As a senior, you could just hop into the driver seat and cruise into school undetected (so long as you have your license and form, of course). Despite this freedom, however, there are still rules that stand, but it’s only to ensure the safety of the students.

Senior Sophia L., who has a study hall first thing on a Monday morning, expresses that “it is a nice way to de-stress and get ready for a long week.” When asked about his thoughts on now being able to drive to school, Lukas F., a senior with his liscense, shared that “it would be more liberating if they trusted the students a bit more, but of course these rules are understandable.”

Besides these official senior privileges, there are also some that are unspoken. Events such as the BOB senior entrance, Senior Celeb, Senior Lunch, and Senior Prank Day are a few traditions that are only available to the seniors. Arguably, this is what excites seniors the most about finally being, well, a senior. They represent seniors’ last hoorah as they celebrate the lasts of high school. While it is easy to take advantage of it, however, the seniors share that they look forward to instead being role models for the underclassmen. Sammy W., a member of senior council, emphasizes that “the senior entrance is something really special and exciting. It’s a time when the entire grade can come together and put on a complete spectacle for ourselves and for the other grades to enjoy. The senior entrance gives seniors the opportunity to channel all their energy and voices together to start off their very last BOB.”

With a positive mindset and promising Bearcat unity, the underclassmen sure have a lot to look forward to.

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