Best Study Spots on Campus

Compiled by: Bethan Henderson

Photographs by: Shiho Kasai

It’s one month into the first semester, and it’s easy to see that the workload is starting to get more intense. Most students’ weeks are filled with assessments, and everyone is hunting down prime study locations. Although the canteen and the library can serve as fantastic environments to study in, they can be quite noisy and crowded. Here’s a list of a few of the best, hidden study spots on campus for you to try out!

#1: The new classrooms in the library

The library has four new classrooms that have quickly become a hotspot for those looking for a quiet, private place to work.  “Nobody bothers you, and it gives you a very nice and quiet space to relax. But what is really great about it is the fact that you can still see out into the entire library and don’t feel cramped in a small class room. It’s a really great addition!” said senior Kyle P.


#2: The Club Hub

If the Club Hub is empty, there’s plenty of desk space to spread out your textbooks and get some serious work done. The only possible setback is it is often used for meetings after school and during lunch, but if you get the timing right and set up camp there during a study hall, you’ll definitely be productive.


#3: Library cubicles

“The library cubicles are very isolated and can only fit one person. This is good for me, someone who procrastinates a lot, as it forces me to work without any distractions. It’s also a good spot to just relax and unwind from a stressful day,” said sophomore Putra W. The only issue with these new additions to the library is their popularity. You’ll have to try and snag a cubicle before they’re all full!


#4: Empty classrooms

If you know a teacher who may be willing to let you stay in their classroom during a study hall or after school, you should ask them if you can work in their class. With a teacher in the room you’re pretty much ensured to get work done and they can even help you out if they’re not busy!


#5: The art rooms

“The art room is a cozy place to work in. My art teacher, Ms.Dodd, is an angel who welcomes everyone who comes into her room and gives positive vibes to students,” said junior Nao T. This one is mainly for art students, but if you manage to tag along with one of them, you’re sure to find a great environment conducive to studying.


#6: Social studies hallway

There are so many comfy beanbags and tables in the social studies hallway, which makes it a relaxing place to do some quick revision. It’s especially handy if you’re waiting for a class in that hall.


#7: The Bearcat Cafe

Although the tables are a little small, the cafe is a great place to go if you only need to use a laptop. The soothing music and the pleasant coffee aroma makes it almost seem like you’re in Starbucks.