How Adidas Made a Huge Comeback

Article by: Kamille Jude

Adidas. Over the last year or so this brand has been seen and heard all over the globe from celebrities, to athletes, and your average person. This brand has somehow captured the interest of such a diverse group of people, which leads us to the question: how did Adidas make a comeback? Sure, it’s been around and we’ve all known about it for quite some time, but next to brands like Nike, it never really stood out much.

A lot of the renewed interest in this particular label may be attributed to the various well-known sponsors coming from both the music and sports industries such as Kanye West, NHL’s Sidney Crosby, and NFL’s Aaron Rodgers. According to an article posted by Complex, “data from the NPD Group shows that the Three Stripes’ running division is growing at a faster rate than Nike and Under Armour’s departments. In fact, Adidas’ sales as a whole are increasing faster than Nike’s right now.”

Adidas recently announced a 26 percent rise in sales within North America. This statistic may come as a shock to many avid-Nike fans, but Adidas has been holding strong in keeping their brand in the running lately––in both the literal and metaphorical sense. The new lines they’ve released such as Yeezy’s, Superstars, Ultra Boosts and NMD’s have been particularly successful in the sneaker domain. What’s great about these new releases is the versatility of the shoes as they don’t just appeal to athletes but also to people who admire the unique designs or people trying to keep up with the trends. The numerous celebrities donning these shoes have definitely aided in the sales escalations as well.  

Adidas’ influence on the rest of the world has extended to our very own Bearcat community. Senior Jasmine Y. said, “I started to buy more Adidas because of all the new designs they began releasing. From Ultraboosts to Yeezys, I think Adidas really stepped up their game in terms of the design and quality of the shoes they produce.”

On top of that, she also claims that these shoes can be used for myriad different things.

“There’s also a flexibility as to where you can wear the shoes as well. For example, I wear my Ultraboosts when I’m out with my friends, but I can also wear them to the gym.”

Another senior, Alejandro M., said, “Recently, Adidas has been killing the game. Their products, both for footwear and apparel, have resonated with millennials in the aesthetic appeal and wearability/comfort. By associating the brand with style icons such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, the brand has enabled its products to reach a large fan base. These influencers coupled with great releases have given Adidas a resurgence in the footwear market. Although Nike still holds the crown, Adidas has shaken up the industry and given Nike a run for its money.”

It seems as though Adidas has made all the right decisions in their marketing techniques and revamped collections––but whether their legacy will last depends on where they go from here. At the end of the day it’s the consumers who allow these large companies to gain traction and with no doubt are the ones that benefit most from their new endeavors.