How to Make Fitness Fun!

Article by: Sacha Bindra

ISM has always prided itself on being a diverse community of different nationalities, cultures, talents, and athletic abilities. With sports comprising such a significant part of Bearcat culture, those who aren’t as athletically-inclined may sometimes find themselves feeling a little out of the loop. But sports are not only about competing on a team or at the varsity or junior varsity level. For any Bearcat looking for ways to be active without necessarily stepping out onto the field or the court, here are some tips for you! This list provides the perfect stepping-stones for those looking to exercise in fun and unique ways.

  1. Listen to music! Listening to music helps the time fly by when working out, making difficult or gruelling workouts far more enjoyable. The beat of your music often helps to get you going and keep you at a steady pace, depending on the chosen exercise. You can look up the beats per minute of songs here to fit your own speed of a jogging, walking, or cycling session. Alternatively, you could even try out some fancy features on applications like Spotify which provide custom playlists that match the beat of your run or walk!
  2. Go with a friend! No matter what activity you choose, working out with friends can make even the most unmotivating workout sessions social and enjoyable. Friends are your personal cheerleaders, encouraging you to work harder with each step or rep! Set up a schedule with a friend or group of friends to keep yourselves on track!
  3. Play games! Bring back the nostalgia of younger schooling years by organizing a game or tournament for fun team sports like dodgeball or kickball amongst friends. These accessible games will keep you active, and add a component of competitiveness to your routine to help you raise your heartbeat that little bit more! It’s a great alternative to using machines in a gym, if that isn’t your thing!
  4. Do it for a cause! Across Manila, and even within ISM, charity runs and walks are frequently held for the public. You can join with friends or family, or go out and meet new people. It may be challenging, but knowing that simple actions like jogging a 3k could benefit the lives of others is incredibly rewarding!
  5. Multitask! Work out while you watch your favorite TV shows or movies! You can make your own workout by writing down common or recurring actions in a particular show, and then assigning an exercise to that action (eg. 5 push-ups whenever Sheldon says “bazinga” on The Big Bang Theory). This technique can be easily personalised to your own skill level, and allows you to binge watch your favorite shows while still getting active!  
  6. Get creative! If you become tired of the gym or your usual running route, try thinking outside of the box for new ways to get your heart rate up!. Get out of your comfort zone by trying something like Zumba, trapezing, or trampolining – all of which are available in Manila!

Your fitness journey is something personal, so it’s essential that you choose something that works for you. Whether it be dog walking, running on a treadmill, or something more unique like trapezing, ensure it’s something that fits your personality and ability, and that you have fun with it. With so many ways to make working out fun, staying in shape will be a breeze!