Article by: Seo Young Oh

Illustration by: Jay Jao

Each year, one of the six IASAS schools hosts a dance exchange, where dance students participate in a range of workshops under different dance professionals as a way to strengthen their skills as performers and enhance their talents as a group as well. This year there were seven different workshops: ballroom, hip hop, creative movement, modern ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary, and silk training. One of the workshops was taught by Airdance Manila who also performed this Friday at the FAT.

Sophomore Annika A., says that she is “super pumped to go to the different workshops like ballroom and hip hop but also a bit nervous but excited to meet all the dancers from the other school.” She describes how “a bunch of [her] team members made decorations and printed out loads of pictures to put in our dance studio to make it look awesome when the delegates arrive. I’m really looking forward to getting to bond with my Dance Co. teammates too.”

Junior Nicole B., says, “At first I was really scared because this is my first IASAS related event that I am participating in, but when the week of Dance Exchange came, I became so excited to make new friends and challenge my dance skills. In all honesty I haven’t been preparing on my own for Dance Exchange because dance class in school has already been enough practice for me. Unlike Cultural Convention, Dance Exchange is an opportunity for dancers to focus on developing, learning, and challenging their dance skills so there isn’t much preparation needed. I personally like going into these workshops unprepared because it is more fun that way, and it is truly a great way of testing how good you are of a dancer. I’ve been so excited to meet and interact with people from the IASAS schools, and dance exchange has given me the opportunity to do so. Asides from meeting people, I’ve been looking forward to experimenting with new styles of dance like aerial and ballroom because it is such a great opportunity to develop my dance skills.”

Sophomore Sofia C., says, “I think dance exchange is a really amazing opportunity that us as dancers have in order to strengthen, and challenge ourselves. I am so grateful to be a part of dance exchange this year, and I can’t wait for more to come! In terms of preparation, nothing too much. Mainly just stretching more and taking some classes. I want to ensure that I am well equipped for the difficult classes we are to undergo. I am really excited for the latin ballroom. That is one of my favourite dance styles, and I am so excited that I will be able to share my passion for ballroom with the rest of the team. It’s also a great workout and really challenges your stamina, and strengthening ability. However, I am also just overjoyed with the fact that we will get to bond, and meet more talented people from other schools. Making more friends in the long-run!”

Overall, the dance exchange is a great experience for the dancers in the IASAS schools to improve on their current abilities, become better dancers, and make some friends in the process.