Article by: Ahona Salsabil

In today’s realm of technology, there is always room for upgrades and improvements. As always, Apple has been a regular on board this train, releasing a new model of the iPhone every year. Recently, social media has been buzzing about the new software upgrade to iOS 10 which was released on September 13, 2016, as well as the new iPhone 7.

The iOS 10 boasts upgraded features such as new emojis for both genders, the switch from the pistol to the water gun, “invisible ink,” and different message bubbles. These new features appeal to senior Rhys A. who says “it’ll be easier to be expressive when texting and are more welcoming to a wider range of people.”

Similarly, senior Malaika J. thinks it was a great move: “Nowadays, everything is getting so much more focused on gun safety and the LGBT community, so I think these were conscious changes which stay in tune with what is going on in society.” However, despite the software upgrades, it isn’t necessary to get the latest iPhone to have these, as old models starting with iPhone 5 are compatible with iOS 10.

Meanwhile, the new iPhone 7 introduces a more advanced camera, better battery life, and splash and water resistance. Senior Sophia G. likes “the new colors and the new camera,” while Rhys A. finds the larger storage space useful.

On the other hand, the new iPhone 7 has been notorious for its lack of a headphone jack. Malaika J. “remembers when the iPhone 6 came out and everyone hated its much larger size. Now comes the iPhone 7, and everyone hates the idea of not having a headphone jack.” Hence, Malaika J. chooses to take an indifferent stance but believes that  “like all evolutions in technology, it will be something that will come to be loved by the public, and Apple has really set a milestone by making this adjustment. Now, do I really think that this minor adjustment was something as revolutionary as previous modifications (like when Steve Jobs was alive)? No. But this is what it is, and I’m excited to see how the sales turn out.”

While some try to see the new changes in a positive light, to Rhys A. the lack of a headphone jack poses “an inconvenience, and is another one of Apple’s ploy to force people to readjust and ultimately have to buy extra accessories, such as the headphone jack adapter, just to be able to use the “old” earphones or any other earphones or headphones, for that matter!” Sophia G. agrees, saying that it is “a total waste of time because if it doesn’t work, you can’t listen to music or listen to videos.” Trying to look at the bright side, Rhys A. jokes, “At least accidentally dropping an iPhone in the toilet won’t be a problem now, yeah?”

As for what to expect from the iPhone 7, Rhys A. says, “So far, the only truly new thing I see is the wireless earphones. However, again, it’s not really something that strikes me positively.” Malaika J. expects a “faster, smarter processing device.” When asked of plans to purchase the new iPhone, Sophia G. “will wait until they put an actual headphone jack” while Malaika J. has decided to “wait for the iPhone 7S.”

The release of the iPhone 7 reflects Apple’s various innovations with many prospects for the future. It is reasonable to conclude that the product will soon become more popular and accessible. However, rather than rushing out to get your own iPhone 7, remember to weigh both the pros and cons to ensure that you make the correct choice for you!

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