Definitive List of the Best New Foods of the Kantina

Compiled by: Bethan Henderson

Photographs by: Maria Hernandez Pinto

The multitude of new restaurants in the Kantina has brought about many new food options for the ISM community to enjoy. New stalls like Prego, Chihuahua, and Grab & Go, have become huge hits among students and teachers alike. However, due to their popularity, these stalls have amassed long lines of hungry students waiting ages for their lunches. These long wait times make it a chore for a student to  test out all the different dishes available themselves. This can be especially disheartening to students with particular dietary restrictions, like vegetarians, vegans, or those with kosher or halal diets. To make it easier for you to see some of the options on the Kantina’s menu, here’s a list of the best new dishes!

1. Ice cream in the Bearcat Cafe

The new Bearcat Cafe has become ISM’s own version of Starbucks, both in the quality of the food and the popularity! The ice creams have quickly become a favorite among students looking for something to help cool off in the boiling Manila heat.


2. Salads from Grab and Go

If you’re in a hurry to buy food before a lunchtime meeting and are worried about being late, try the new Grab & Go section. As the name suggests, just grab a snack from off the shelves and you’ll be out of there in no time. The salads are a popular choice, as they’re both healthy and practical to eat in meetings.


3. Chicken burrito bowl in Chihuahua

A fan favorite among everyone is the chicken burrito bowl from Chihuahua. Not only are they delicious but they can also be turned vegetarian or even vegan! There’s also a discount on Mondays for ordering meatless.


4. Pad Thai and Moroccan vegetables from Yogi Chef

Yogi chef’s nutritious and tasty dishes are another hit amongst the ISM vegetarians and vegans. “Yogi chef makes all vegetarian food and quite a lot of vegan lunches, so that’s my favorite. The Pad Thai and Moroccan vegetables are my life,” said junior Lina S.


5. Sisig from Selections

Selections serves sisig, which is a traditional Filipino dish that’s made from the head meat of a pig. It’s a great dish to get if you want to try some Filipino cultural classics. Junior Sofia Q. says, “People love its comforting, fatty and spicy flavor, especially when served with rice.”