Athlete in Focus: Grace S.

Article by: Woosuk Kim

Photograph by: Paulina Karlsson

As our first season varsity teams return home from the recent Pre-IASAS tournaments to start preparing for IASAS, each new athlete in their respective sport has to continue adapting to their new teams. This year, hopes are high for the girls varsity football team as it consists of many returning players and skilled, new ones. One of these “newbies” is senior Grace S., the team’s goalkeeper.

Despite being new to the football scene, Grace has been recognized as one of the top athletes in high school. A member of the varsity tennis and softball team, she has incorporated her skills from other sports into goalkeeping. She sees similarities between the sports she participates in, noting that her sports “are centered a lot around hand eye coordination and fearlessness of the ball and contact with other players.” However in terms of work ethic, she believes that all sports are based off “keeping that mindset of perseverance and focus.”

Grace, being a multi-sport athlete, did not try out for the football team in her previous years due to her heavy workload and other commitments. However, this year, even with the increased workload in her senior year, she was given the motivation to try out as “my name came up in conversation with the P.E. teachers, and so when I walked out of my biology class one day, the coach was standing there waiting for me.” She accepted the coach’s request and joined, thinking of football as the opportunity to do something “spontaneous and fun for my last year in high school.” Even though she is still learning about the game, she has already been seen as a recognized and respected senior and leader on the squad.

As the majority of the varsity team are returning members, they have experienced some disappointing moments such as coming in sixth last year during IASAS. However Grace hopes that “past performances don’t affect the team’s mindset going into IASAS” this year.

This year, the girls team is said to have been “strongest teams that ISM girls have had in awhile.” Experiencing many “ups and downs” and an unsatisfactory Pre-IASAS, the team has become more “consistent and confident” in themselves and their style of football. Grace hopes to take these moments and turn them into exceptional results in the upcoming IASAS tournament being hosted in Jakarta.

With new leaders and outstanding players such as Grace on our varsity teams, ISM eagerly anticipates the upcoming tournaments!

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