Much Ado About The HS Play

Article by: Georgia Limcaoco

Photograph by: Brandon McAlister

Opening this week, this year’s high school play takes Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and sets it in the 1980’s, swapping returning soldiers for a returning rock band, and trading out Italy for Iowa. The play focuses on two intertwining love stories: that of young lovers Claudio and Hero, played by sophomores Rahul V. and Rocio T., and old high school rivals Beatrice and Benedick, played by sophomore Sofia C. and junior Finn M.

“The play is definitely more lighthearted,” says Sofia. “There’s more slapstick, and it creates more interesting relationships and entertaining storylines.” Uniquely, the play also incorporates a live band as a part of the plot; all actors in the band play their own instruments. “Working with the band is one of the best parts about being in the play,” says Rahul, whose character, Claudio, plays the drums for the band within the play, ‘Shake The Spears.’ “The hard part about the [band] is maintaining character during the songs,” says Finn. His character, Benedick, is the band’s lead guitarist and singer.

For all four of these actors, this production will mark the first time they play main characters and love interests in a high school play. In Rahul’s case, this will be his first ever theater production!

“At first, I felt really nervous and was so unsure of whether I would do well or not,” says Rahul. “But this is a really good opportunity for me to learn something, and I think I’ve developed the skills I need to perform well!”

“It’s a great honor to be trusted with a lead part in the play,” says Rocio, who describes her character, Hero, as sweet, innocent, and Disney-princess-esque. “It’s made me work outside of my comfort zone because I’ve had to play a romantic interest.”

“I’m very nervous because it’s my first major role for high school,” says Sofia, who plays the sharp and witty female lead Beatrice. “I’m really excited, though, and I hope that people will see what I can do, and not just see the play for the momol or kissing.”

Ms. Monsod, this year’s director, has been working very hard to pull this play together in time for opening night with only a mere eight weeks of rehearsal time.

“It’s a romantic comedy, and I know that many of us like romance whether we make it obvious or not,” says Ms. Monsod. “The comedy aspect makes it so audiences leave the theater happier than when they walked in!”

The HS Play runs from October 13 to 15, with shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, along with a Saturday afternoon matinee. Don’t forget to get your tickets at the cashier for Php 150 per students and Php 300 per adult!