ILY Acronyms

Article by: Selina de Dios

OMG, acronyms are everywhere! IDC what anyone else says, though – IMO, it makes talking IRL much easier. TBH, acronyms are used in ISM frequently, whether you notice it or not. Is it possible though, that as you move up from 9th, all the way to 12th grade, you get exposed to more acronyms? To put this to the test, an individual from each grade was challenged to write a coherent sentence using 50 words or less, with as many acronyms as possible. The rules were that they could not use acronyms that were not applicable to them (i.e. a 9th grader mentioning anything to do with the IB), and they must try to minimize the number of conjoining words in between. Let’s get started.

P.S., JTLYK, this article might be a little confusing, but hopefully it becomes easier to follow and you will have NP reading it.

Joaquin J., Freshman:

At lunch, I SAT down with my friends to talk about ICARE. We head to the LT and throw our IDs around pretending to be the FAT guy who tutored us on YouTube, but we were supposed to go to the AMR. I heard that IASAS CULCON is cool also.

Word Count: 50, Acronym Count: 8 + 2 bonus for acronym creativity (SAT and FAT)

Acronym Percentage: 20%

Nicki W., Sophomore:

This week I have meetings for PCC, BOB, and BT, and an APUSH test that consists of a DBQ and SAQs. On Wednesdays we have GLAs in the FAT. Pre-I for XC was really fun, but I didn’t have to visit the PT this year.

Word Count: 45, Acronym Count: 11

Acronym Percentage: 24%

Mandy Q., Junior:

People who do IB have to do TOK, FOAs, IOCs, and IOPs but on top of that, some have IASAS or performances in the LT, FAT, or AMR, or are part of clubs like BOB, PCC, and MUN which can help you with CAS and this is for BT.

Word Count: 50, Acronym Count: 14

Acronym Percentage: 28%

Alej M., Senior:

I can’t decide if I want to ED, EA, or RD. With TOK and FOAs recently, EEs and IOCs coming up, and IAs due, IDK if my predicted grades will be enough. IB is painful, imagine walking from the LT to the FAT one hundred times in one day.

Word Count: 49, Acronym Count: 11 + 1 bonus for IDK

Acronym Percentage: 24%

And with that, it’s safe to say Juniors FTW!

Whether or not you can understand all these acronyms, one thing is clear– ISM Bearcats sure love and connect through these acronyms!