Get Fit at Ms. Howarth’s Weekly Spinning Classes!

Article by: Sally Jang

Photograph by: Paulina Karlsson

With heavy workloads and constant due dates, it is no wonder fitness and staying in shape is often set aside by busy high school students like our Bearcats. However, what many students fail to realize is that keeping your body in shape definitely does not always have to be strenuous and overly time-consuming. Here at ISM, we are lucky enough to have programs beyond our competitive sports teams, provided for both teachers and students who want to tone up those muscles, or just feel great after a good workout!

An example of one of these great programs is Ms. Howarth’s Boot Camp sessions. The sessions are primarily comprised of spinning classes, more commonly known as indoor cycling, but also some HIIT-style (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts every few weeks. Each class only lasts for 40 minutes, and is hosted every Wednesday at 3:15pm in Fitness Suite next to the Fitness Gym.

“The goal of the classes is to provide an opportunity for both faculty and students who want to keep fit when they are either out of season, or don’t participate in seasonal competitive sport,” says Ms. Howarth.

There are countless benefits in joining Ms. Howarth’s fitness classes: for one, it is done in school. “You get to be surrounded with familiar people and won’t feel as intimidated as you might in a non-ISM setting,” says Ms. Howarth.

Furthermore, unlike most workouts, spinning allows you to do the exercise at your own pace if you aren’t quite as fit as the coach or those in the class with you, but also allows you to push yourself if you are. Not only that, but Ms. Howarth pointed out that “spinning classes are done in the dark, surrounded with different playlists of fun and motivating music” each time you jump on a bike; given this lighting and musical environment, you can really focus on your own workout and zone out all distractions, so that you aren’t competing with anyone but yourself. Ms. Howarth’s expertise and experience running many different types of fitness classes for people of all ages will help you feel confident and guided throughout the training, and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

“I wanted to introduce spinning to people that haven’t taken part in a spinning class before, as I know that it can be really daunting to try new things, but it’s a friendly and supportive environment with people around you that are in the same boat,“ Ms. Howarth said.

There are little reasons not to be fit with such motivating and convenient opportunities like this offered at ISM! For those of you who want to make a shift to incorporating some more healthy habits in your life, spinning classes are a way to start getting on a sweat, while having a great deal of fun. Interested in joining next week’s class?

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