ISM’s Yoga Club

Article by: Sally Jang

Photograph by: Mike Feng

We all have a moment when we just want to relieve ourselves from all the stress. At times like these, a strenuous exercise activity may not be a choice for those who don’t have an athletic drive. However, there is no need to look far for another option because ISM has the solution for you. Our very own Yoga Club might just be the perfect place for you to breathe out all those negative chakras.

As the club aims to promote mindfulness and well-being, you can surely come off of the mat with a positive outlook, not to mention the CAS experience you could gain as juniors and seniors.

“With all the demands of this fast-paced, high pressured life, coming to the mat means taking time out for yourself,” says Ms. Maz, the Yoga Club adviser. Yoga increases one’s flexibility, strength and mind, leaving the body soothed and the mind calm.

“When you practice yoga, you are encouraged to link your breath and movement so that you can focus on the present,” says Ms. Maz. When students worry about the future, they tend to forget to live the present. When doing yoga, you can enter a state that allows you to appreciate the quietness of the present surrounding.

Yoga might look simple, but it requires intense patience and a good attitude to get into the right position. There are challenging positions that make it hard to get into the pose easily. At moments like these, Ms. Maz says that one should be “kind to his or herself.” Understanding that not everything can be rushed and taken at one time is the very essence of yoga. Practice is an essential part of life that should be the motivation to persevere. This kind of positive attitude that can be learned in yoga class is something you can even bring off the mat.

So if you want to stretch all that stress away, join the “Yoga Hour” happening every Wednesday from 3:10 – 4:10 in Lofthouse A.