International Remedies to Avoid Sickness

Compiled by: Ahona Salsabil

Recently, students and teachers alike have been getting sick or catching the flu resulting in absences and the subsequent headache of catching up. This sudden spread of colds and fevers calls for a list of quick and easy remedies to boost our immune systems. As contributed by ISM students of different cultural backgrounds, here are a few ways to fight fever:

1. Warm Tea


Drinking warm tea is one great way to feel immediate relief from a cold or sore throat. Senior Tess E. shares that in Peruvian culture, “to cure a cold or cough, the amasia herb is grinded and drank as tea.” This not only soothes the inside of the mouth and throat but also reduces swelling.

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2. King of Herbal Medicine: Ginseng


Ginseng is known as the ‘miraculous medicine’ and is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world. It has many benefits and provides a way to recover health, strengthen the body, and calm the mind (The Roots Story). According to junior Joungbihn P., herbal medicine, particularly ginseng, is a popular and go-to cure in Korean culture. “It’s something that is good for you even when you’re not sick. Some people consume ginseng regularly.”

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3. Keep warm


According to senior Jessica Z., in Chinese culture, when a sick person first feels a chill, it is believed that they should “take a hot shower to draw out the cold under [their] skin.” Similarly, in Korea, Joungbihn P. advises that “whenever a person feels sick, they should keep their body warm and stay in a hot temperature to sweat.” Sweating helps bring down the body temperature back to normal.

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4. Vinegar


According to senior Melissa D., Filipinos make the most out of all that vinegar has to offer, including its ability to serve as a home remedy for soothing almost anything from joint pain to sore throats. Mix a little bit of vinegar with cold water, soak a cloth in it and use it as a cold compress.

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5. Proper Nutrition, Hydration, and Rest


If all else fails, the traditional remedies will prevail. Senior Elise M. advises that keeping hydrated with water or orange juice (something with vitamin C) and getting lots of sleep always works for her. “I wouldn’t overexert so don’t go out a lot or think about stressful things,” she adds.

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Getting sick can influence one’s performance at school or work. Hence, with the flu virus going around, take care and steer clear of sickness by trying out some of these remedies.