Appreciating our Teachers

Article by: Bethan Henderson

Photograph by: Medha Srivastava

ISM is lucky enough to be home to so many teachers and staff members who are both brilliant in their field of expertise and truly passionate about their jobs and the students at this school. Our teachers are a key part in our community and all too often do not receive the attention and appreciation that they deserve. Many students have teachers that have made genuine impacts on their lives whether it be by helping them find a passion for a subject, or just generally being a positive force that brightens up their day.

Friday the 14th marks the National Honor Society’s annual Teacher Appreciation Day, so to celebrate, here are some stories from students wishing to acknowledge their teachers in particular. These teachers have each had a profound impact on their students, as well as on the Bearcat community as a whole.

“Any student who has had Mr. Berg knows that he’s an incredible teacher who genuinely cares about his students’ learning,” junior Emilija Y. says. “When I think of Mr. Berg, the first thing I think of is ‘I would not have passed APUSH if it weren’t for him.’”

“Mr. Berg is a great teacher who made class not only memorable, but even enjoyable,” fellow junior Nao T. adds. “Mr. Berg’s crazy stories never fail to amuse the class, and his sincere attitude towards every student is the reason why he is loved by all of us.”

Whether you have him for history, ESS, or APUSH, you’re definitely in good hands in Mr. Berg’s class.

If you take theater or are involved in the play this year, you’ve likely met Ms. Monsod at some point. She is a marvelous person who pushes students, whether it be in class or on stage, to achieve their best. Junior Finn M. says, “What I love about Ms. Monsod is that she pushes everyone to their absolute limit, and makes them be their absolute best. She knows that the only way to push people to be their absolute best is through intense rehearsal, and brutally honest feedback: she calls it ‘tough love.’ Everybody around her learns from her, even the teachers.

Every teacher and staff member at ISM contributes to our community in amazing ways, so Teacher Appreciation Day is a great opportunity for us as students to recognize this. It can be something as simple as smiling in the hallways in between class, but make sure to let your teachers know that you appreciate them!